Under $20 sale on Xbox One games include GTA 5, Shenmue and more

Amazon has heavily discounted several games on the Xbox One to under $20. The deals include Grand Theft Auto V, Just Dance 2019, Shenmue I & II, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, State of Decay 2, The Evil Within 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 4: Launch Edition.

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optimus89d ago

i hated that game. spent hours looking for sailors and nobody in town knew anything; so no thanks.

S2Killinit89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Hahaha ok fair enough. Im assuming reading novels arent your thing either. What you described is the whole beauty of this game.

optimus89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

i just don't like games that have me questioning every single person in town for seemingly hours without progress....

if you notice, they don't make games like that anymore for a reason. sure, open world games still have side quests and missions but they let you know who to talk to, where, and when, most even highlight the person you're looking for...
shenmu was hell bent on making you explore everything with little progress to be had. search every room, lift every object, and still no sailors.

hell, even today's open world games are getting too big with mindless exploring that i find myself playing them less and less because of it. ....furthermore, they also have the new south park game on sale which i bought day 1 as a south park fan and not only does it have mindless exploring but turn based fighting which i am also not a fan of. i think i played it for the 1st 2 days, put in about 3 hrs and never picked it up again.

littletad89d ago

It wasn't hell-bent on making exploration that way, it pioneered certain aspects we never saw before and this was mostly before waypoints, open worlds, and many other gameplay mechanics we now take for granted and expect.

optimus89d ago

exactly, aspects we no longer see anymore. if a game becomes tedious, it stops being fun and shenmu quickly became that...i eventually did finish it, or did i? because for all the questioning and exploring i had to do the stupid game ended with a to-be- continued...not even a hint of closure! 😤

S2Killinit89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Again, I think what you are describing was what made the original so great for me. It was like a completely new genre. When you woke up in the morning, you literally felt like you were about to walk out into a japanes town. Why? Because there was no guarantee that you would reach your objective! It gave a sense if realism that simply doesnt exist in games. It felt real because while you were trying to find answers, you would come across things that were unrelated, or filled a different part of the big picture. Just like in real life nothing felt guaranteed. I thought that was a master stroke. It gave a sense of immersion and mystery, making discoveries more significant because you had a sense of accomplishment that you simply dont get when the game directs exactely where to go. I felt like I was walking my own path! You dont get that when everything is pointed to with a gps tracker.

To me, it sounds like it wasnt your cup of tea, which is totally fine, but i assure you, what you are describing as a flaw, was its greatest strenght.

optimus89d ago

i understand, what you are saying. sure it ventured into new ground, doing something other games have not done. but it became tedious and at the end of the day was it fun?....maybe for some people i guess, but i reiterate, they don't make games like that anymore for a reason.

DigitalRaptor88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

You're probably gonna hate Shenmue III then.

There's an affinity system where people won't talk to you much or answer your questions because you're an outsider, but as you complete tasks around the village and people become familiar with you they will reveal information. If you're accompanied by Shenhua (who lives there) people will be more open to you because they know her and that trust would extend to you.

I personally love this detailed stuff, but appreciate it is tedious to some.

optimus88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

@Digital raptor... i doubt i will hate shenmu 3 since I'm pretty sure i will never play it. ...

I'll use the red dead series as an example since the name of the game is "attention to detail"... i felt redemption had a great balance of detail, gameplay, and story telling without being monotonous (even though it can be at times).... unlike the redemption 2, i didn't have a horse to maintain, a camp to take care of, etc... although i can appreciate detail in a game it doesn't have to get tedious. i would rather have a cheap gun that "has a tendency to jam" which i can easily upgrade by simply buying a better gun not known to jam than having to maintain all my guns because they will jam....

I'm not saying red dead 2 is awful but i did put it away in favor of other games that were less involved. i will get to it at some point though. i just know that in order to progress the story there is a slew of minor things i have to do which ends up taking the fun out of it. not to mention it makes a game longer than it should be...i believe there is another article floating around n4g which talks about this very issue.

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