PlayTV : Not In HD : "DTTV HD is available since yesterday in France, so french are able to watch the DTTV in HD but not with PlayTV ! But it is certainly not definitive : an update of PlayTV could emerge to the consumers greatest pleasure. Check out the source for more information.

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Capt CHAOS4651d ago

I still prefer watching everything on my b&w CRT telly. But it's a big one, one of those 24" telly's.

MaximusPrime4651d ago

well duh. i know play TV is not HD ready.

I bought it anyway since it is IMO great freeview recorder. Easier to use.

Capt CHAOS4651d ago

If it can do this and browse the net etc., and work well as as a media center..

Viatrophy4650d ago

Did Sony ever claim that Play TV was HD ready anyway? I don't remember them ever stating it.