The Importance of Backward Compatibility

With the next generation of gaming a few years out, it would be in the Big Three's interest to have their games have backward compatability.

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littletad25d ago

That and subtitles for every game, every system, would be another greatly appreciated feature. (deaf gamer here)

starchild23d ago

Definitely also helps when you have to turn the volume way down because you have your family sleeping in the same room. Subtitles should be standard for both reasons.

I would also love to have the ability to make the font size larger in order to be easier to read from a distance.

Yi-Long25d ago

Not sure how some people can scoff at being able to play and enjoy your old library of games on your new system.

Lately, I've been playing SSX3 again on XBO X, and it's still an absolute blast.

ArchangelMike25d ago

SSX was fantastic back in the day - when EA Sports BIG! was their slogan -

EA have a way of just destroying great games.


ArchangelMike25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

What happens to your paid for streaming content when streaming companies go bust? Is a question that the industry as a whole is avoiding thinking about and addressing.

AK9125d ago

I hope the PS5 follows suit with the XB1 BC

JonTheGod25d ago

I hope PS5 does it properly - i.e. natively rather than selective patches.

Razzer25d ago

At console launch BC is at its most importance. The new library is thin and within a couple of weeks the console starts to collect dust. Being able to bring forward a back library is a big deal. If one console offers BC at launch and another does not then the console that does has a major advantage.

Thundercat7725d ago

Correct. Once the new console has its strong library, then BC is not needed.

In the case of Xbox one, since they don't have a strong exclusive library still to this day, BC is needed to calm the waters.

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