David Hayter Delivers A Rousing Performance Re: Solid Snake's Ass

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Metal Gear’s Solid Snake has a big fat ass. This basic underpinning of our universe has now reached all corners of the internet, including Solid Snake’s longtime voice actor.

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PhoenixUp1181d ago

I’ll never get why Kojima was trying to replace Hayter since MGS3

Welshy1181d ago

Because he didn't think that David could pull off a more mature voice for Old Snake in MGS4 and Venom was a different character entirely.

DucVu746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

What Konami did to Kojima. Kojima did to Hayter first. Karma will always find a way to come back. He wanted Kurt Russell to take the role MGS3 still with young Snake.

PhoenixUp1181d ago

I Kojima wanted to replace Hayter in MGS3 & Kojima was clearly proven wrong in MGS4

Made no sense to keep the same Japanese VA for Snake but replace the English one in MGSV

himdeel1181d ago

Agree Keifer Sutherland was trash!