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Anthem already in discount bin on release day at one of biggest German Retailers

The mediocre reception for the EA game Anthem is already affecting the price dus to lower people's interest. One of the biggest technology retailers in Germany had to decrease the price to 39 euros and place it in the discount bin.

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Community1966d ago
Crazyglues1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

- Anthem should have just been a free to play game, the way they were planning to make it in the beginning - probably would have done a lot better, Because with the reviews this game is getting, this thing is dead on arrival...

It's going to bomb hard, and support for the game will die right after that, Trust me EA/Bio-ware is not going to pump money into a dead game, despite all the lies companies tell, when they say they will still support it after launch / No they will not if the sales tank...

If you didn't buy this yet, just wait a week or two, it's going straight to the garbage bin and will be a lot cheaper then and a much better deal...

RpgSama1966d ago

And this is the third big blunder from BioWare for EA, ME:A, Anthem and people keep forgetting about Star Wars: The Old Republic, that game was supposed to be a Warcraft killer, and it went free to play almost immediately, even though it was a great game, with a great story

PapaBop1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Every MMORPG released after WoW was supposed to be the WoW killer.. that's a damn long list, ironic really as the only real WoW killer looks to be ActiBlizzard and the closest we've seen to one is a game that died and got reborn. Still, SWTOR is still receiving updates, pulling the trigger and going F2P when they did was probably one of their better decisions.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Swtor wasn’t a great game, it had a great story tho.

Combat animations were stiff the engine they used was a cheap garbage engine for the game. They should have used unreal or built in house.

I remember even with a beast pc the game ran like crap. It had almost no end game at launch too.

I levelled two chars to 50 that’s how much I enjoyed the class stories. then quit the game and went right back to wow.

Concertoine1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

If you ask me, they havent made a good game since Dragon Age 2

Didnt play Star Wars The Old Republic though.

Muzikguy1966d ago

This is why people need to start demanding full games upon release. Companies will not keep their word with support when we trust them to. Some do, but definitely not the big ones that one would expect. Games like DriveClub and the support it received are rare.

Relientk771966d ago

Well that was fast, and by fast I mean immediately.

ziggurcat1966d ago

I don't think I've ever seen a game go directly into the bargain bin - not even Fallout 76, and we had far more information about how bad that game was prior to its release.

indysurfn1965d ago

EA's reputation is at the turning point now. Kinda like Circuit city, you could not tell there executives anything until the stores where empty. Or people was shopping there and going to best buy and other to actually BUY.

Einhander19711966d ago

It can stay in the bargain bin.

Iltapalanyymi1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

good. i haven't seen anyone even remotely hyped for this turd

EddieNX 1966d ago

I was hoping it would turn out good. Thought Bioware might be the ones to finally deliver on a game like this... Sigh...

AWBrawler1965d ago

You should meet my brother then. He wouldn’t shut up about it

Spenok1965d ago

You haven't even been looking then. Many people, including on this site have been hyped. With how many people are on my group, and various Anthem groups on Facebook says otherwise. I'm just glad the silent majority is just that. The majority.

jerethdagryphon1965d ago

It's actually fun with friends in short doses but yea the world feels weird with it limited to 4 in an instance should have been offline / online coop the mmo aspect isn't there

FinalFantasyFanatic1965d ago

I wanted this to be good, so disappointed that it didn't subvert the majorities expectations, the premise was awesome.

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PapaBop1966d ago

The game went on sale here in the UK before it even launched with an additional £10 off preorders before a certain date which meant you could buy it for very cheap. It's a real damn shame to think this is what has become of Bioware but that's EA for you, where creativity and imagination come to wither and die.