Bandai Namco announce DRAGON BALL LEGENDS - Showdown in Las Vegas

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS - Showdown in Las Vegas, the first-ever global tournament for the immensely popular real-time card battle game.

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XisThatKid28d ago

I almost got excited thought Dragon Ball Z legends was coming back some how. Now I'm sad. That is still my face dbz game

Spenok28d ago

Don't worry, you still have this game coming out.

DillyDilly27d ago

Is that another make your own character game ?

PhantomS4228d ago

Wow, didn't think they could manage to get as many cringe-worthy bullet points into one game. Battle Royale, Card battle, and cell phone game all in one package. Anyone of those is a hard no from any gamer, this is just laughable.