What if Nintendo Stopped Making Consoles?

Let's peer into a hypothetical world; one where Nintendo stops their hardware manufacturing, and goes solely digital.

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NecrumOddBoy31d ago

Would be awesome for a truly nextgen Nintendo game on Playstation, but I do appreciate that Nintendo uses the limitation of their Hardware as a platform to invent some of the best experiences

AnthonyDavis31d ago

Nintendo really has no business making hardware it’s what limits there games.

RosweeSon31d ago

Without Nintendo gaming wouldn’t be what it is today. Where do you think all the ideas for your standard controller came from... d-pad shoulder buttons analogue sticks, rumble. Nintendo

AnthonyDavis31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Nintendo is a net negative for the industry.

^ You’re talking about things that would have been made eventually. And what has Nintendo done for the industry since those things made in the 90s. All they have done is promote mobile gaming and casual gaming.

King_Noctis30d ago

What an ignorant statement. They had made many successful console since the NES era, yet we have fanboys like you telling people they have no business making console. Smh.

Imalwaysright30d ago


"Nintendo really has no business making hardware it’s what limits there games"

Tell that to 2 of the 3 highest rated games of the past decade: BoTW and Mario Odyssey.

"You’re talking about things that would have been made eventually"

By whom? You? What a pathetic attempt to downplay the contributions that Nintendo has made to this industry that btw go well beyond hardware.

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solideagle31d ago

it would be a shame if Nintendo stop making consoles. Nintendo is an innovative company.

yeah yeah I know power argument but we have Sony for that :)

The Wood31d ago

'What if Nintendo Stopped Making Consoles?'

I'd be pissed

Lord_Sloth30d ago

If they stopped making GAMES I'd be pissed. If they stopped making consoles I'd save money. I love my Zelda, Metroid (that seems rather dormant) and Smash Bros but I literally never like their system's advertised features.

The Wii motion controls weren't very accurate and motion controls haven't had an amazing game for them yet.

The Wii U's touch screen and controller was rather pointless for me and I actually hated having to grab it for motion puzzles in Zelda.

The Switch stays docked.

pcz31d ago

''What if Nintendo Stopped Making Consoles?''

Sony and Microsoft would have nobody to copy

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EddieNX 31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Let's not.

Not happening anytime soon. I think if game streaming takes off in the future , Nintendo will make their own service. As it stands, Nintendo is In amazing shape and absolutely aren't going anywhere.

Maybay31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Gaming would be the same (for me at least), and I'd play a lot less (mainly on PC).

CorndogBurglar31d ago

That makes no sense.

Saying that gaming would be the same for you implies that you don't play Nintendo. But saying you would play a lot less implies that you mostly play Nintendo and if it's gone then you would play less games. Then you say you play mainly on PC. So if that's the case then you wouldn't play any less.

Which one is it?

SuperSonic9131d ago

Xbox and PC and mobile is where their games will go. PS4 is very unlikely.

Rude-ro31d ago

Yeah... because that is proving to be the viable path :/

SuperSonic9131d ago

Nintendo will make their games available everywhere except PlayStation because of dishonor, pride, disgrace unless they eat their pride and bury the hatchet.
Nintendo did its own undoing - the Play Station.

pwnmaster300031d ago

What??? What makes you think that. Xbox is very unlikely tbh, just saying in a business perspective.

Hungryalpaca31d ago

Xbox live is coming to the switch so it’s really not that far of a stretch.

King_Noctis30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Based on what? Your dream?

DJK1NG_Gaming31d ago

They wont
There is no what if.

Rude-ro31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

The thing is, streaming games will still need good hardware.
Ones with great input etc.
So the “all digital” future... still needs a device to deliver.
My point, Microsoft’s false cloud claims for the original Xbox proved that hardware still matters more. Even with the cloud boost, the x downgrades a bit when playing with a base console player and that’s with dynamic resolution and still no rock solid 30fps.
The digital world is only as good as the hardware AND internet for said player. Two outside forces.
So Nintendo is definitely not done in this department.
It can open up to other devices, but performance will vary.

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