Samsung To Partner with Valve For Galaxy S10 To Feature Steam Streaming

In a piece of - as of now unconfirmed - news from the Galaxy Unpacked event, it seems the S10 range of phones will allow streaming of your Steam account.

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SegaGamer1563d ago

It's like an extension of home streaming / Steam Link.......the bonus being that you no longer need to be at home streaming it.

If Valve get their act together, they could create something really big. I'm surprised they haven't already done it. They could easily evolve Steam Link and just make a full on Streaming app where we can play our complete library anywhere that has an internet connection.

If they moved quicker, they could have got ahead of Nvidia Geforce Now and whatever plans Microsoft have with play anywhere and Game Pass.

starchild1563d ago

That would be huge. But it's going to take fast internet connections. That's the biggest limiting factor, imo. It would be a dream, though, to be able to play my PC games while I'm away from the house.

nucky641563d ago

agree on being limited my consistent fast internet speeds. man, if high internet speed is ever available everywhere, it would change how people game and traditional cable/sat tv would die.