Did Square Enix fail Lara Croft with the modern Tomb Raider reboot?

Are Square Enix to blame for the once scrumptious Tomb Raider now being perceived as a cow that needs to stop being milked?

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-Foxtrot27d ago

Pretty much, they just made a new action adventure IP and slapped Tomb Raider on it

Hopefully they stop for a while and go back to the original Lara, maybe a softboot.

SuperSonic9127d ago

They should have preserved her character that made her iconic and unique like Sony did with Kratos.

Tech527d ago (Edited 27d ago )

the new series is great. it's actually better than some of the games before it i think.
anyways, you can always go back and play the original series. i'm not much for brining back the original sloth controls and dinosaurs from the original series. acrobat platforming and puzzles on the other hand definitely.

nommers27d ago

Being only a badass isn’t an interesting character trait.

starchild27d ago

Nah, the reboots still felt like Tomb Raider, just modernized.

Imalwaysright27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

He wouldn't know that considering that he knows absolutely nothing about the IP. He even said that the originals were platformers, the same genre as Mario 64 or Crash! It must have been a surprise to him when the reboot turned out to be an action adventure game. The same genre that the original TR games pioneered.

Masterchief_thegoat27d ago

Softboot is great. rpg element will be great.

gamer780427d ago

agreed Foxtrot, they need to go back to who Lara actually was, a heroine with acrobatic skills, who loved adventure, traveling the world (not just one samey open world map), and solving puzzles.

Orionsangel27d ago

Square needs to go back to classic Lara Croft. Make a new TR game but in a more cartoony style like with cell shading. Sell it for half price. 30 bucks. If successful they could make it a new TR trilogy

rainslacker26d ago

I don't consider the new Lara Croft to be Lara Croft. They just slapped her name on a new character and called it a day.

Games are good overall, but the character is dull, annoying, and shallow.

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isarai27d ago

Yes, first one was a great step forward, we were "becoming the tomb raider" and it all came together in the end and gave us a peek at what makes Lara who she is later on. But then the second one came and acted like the first one just didn't happen, like she didn't get dual pistols at the end of the game handed down to her from her mentor, like she didn't say "screw being weak and unprepared" in the final act, like she didn't grow less clumsy and more competent. Instead her iconic dual pistols simply disappeared without a trace, she still starts every game unprepared having to scavenge all the damn time, she still frantically shuffles like an inexperienced, frantic mess, and she's still incredibly clumsy getting her ass handed to her every 10secs by mother nature and gravity. Not only that they made her progression as a character slow to nearly a halt by still making the next two games about "Becoming the tomb raider" and still by the end of the third we're still not "the tomb raider" she's still whiny, clumsy, unprepared, and no matter how hard you try a damn bow and climbing axe is not going to replace her Dual pistols as her iconic weapons.

Then there's the very little done in terms of game play changes in each game, they do next to nothing in terms of adding/improving the gameplay from game to game, and what played great in 2013 just feels dated now.

I don't know, i really want to love this series as i loved the original series, but it just sucks in so many ways.

opc27d ago

the dual pistols are lame

opc27d ago

She's supposed to be a person that fell into archaeology, solves ancient riddles and investigates old tombs and temples.... and she's running around with both hands filled with guns? dual wielding is stupid in tomb raider. This ain't Doom or Wolfenstein.

rainslacker26d ago


but it makes more sense that she can just take up multiple times of munitions and use them skillfully, despite her apparent first time shooting a gun, or killing a person was in the first game? She was shooting rifles, machine guns, RPG's, setting up mines or traps, vehicle mounted weapons, using a grappling hook, throwing grenades, etc.

The older games usually weren't plentiful with ammunition or weapons except in a few of them, so it's more believable that she'd carry around a couple pistols over what they display in the newer games.

opc26d ago

that doesn't make sense either. but dual pistols are still stupid. the only reason you like them is because they were in the old games. It's okay to say that the old games got some thing wrong

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EDKICK27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

You're right, the first game in the reboot series was a fantastic origins game. And while Rise was technically better in a number of ways it and then Shadow after somehow stayed stuck in the "become the tomb raider" plot and didn't really advance Lara or the story past that point. They for some reason decided to make it a origin story trilogy instead of keeping the "origin story" to the first game and a half or so and progressing the narrative past that. And while all three are at least good games they kind of stalled the series out a bit.

Orionsangel27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

The second game, Rise of the TR built the series up even more. I thought part 3 would be so epic, but instead it turned out to be the typical brown man villain with a mustache or goatee that wants ultimate power and you could interchange him with the villain in UC Lost Legacy. I thought we were gonna learn more about Trinity,

FallenAngel198427d ago

Idk how Square Enix can say Shadow of the Tomb Raider underperformed when it already outsold Dragon Quest XI. The company clearly has different expectations for its eastern and western games.

Plus idk how anyone can say they mishandled this reboot series when those games are already the most successful titles in the franchise as a whole.

Anyone who thinks Square Enix would ever bench their third most successful franchise is hopelessly delusional.

Seraphim27d ago

RPGs, generally speaking, are a bit of a niche genre. Especially but not limited to, when compared to action, shooter, etc. So yes, any developer/publisher should be expecting lower sales for RPGs as opposed to many other games. Granted there are exceptions like Final Fantasy and other RPGs which have sold incredibly well but those are not the norm. Despite Dragon Quest being a huge success in Japan it's never been a huge seller in the US either. According to Wiki Dragon Quest VII sold less than 200k copies in the US. Not sure how true that is. However it wouldn't surprise me since back in the PS2 era most RPGs seemed to sell 200-500k. While other games were expected to sell at least 750k-1 million+. So yes, there are clearly different expectations for different games.

FallenAngel198427d ago

Square Enix isn’t just any publisher though. Many of Square Enix’s RPGs are the best selling in the genre, so it’s still absurd to continually express disappointment for their western titles.

The numbers that Tomb Raider is pulling now is nothing to sneeze at and any company wishes it could have an action adventure series as successful as it is now.

Let’s put this into further clarity. In just 5 years the latest reboot Tomb Raider series alone has sold over 22.12 million units which is on par with God of War did in its first 7 years and Uncharted & Gears of War in their first 8 years. This also puts its above popular franchises such as Prince of Persia, Devil May Cry, Saints Row, Mass Effect, & Metroid. So once again like I said it’s seriously absurd to say the reboot series has been mishandled when it’s clearly as successful and even more in many cases as many of people’s other beloved franchises.

Square Enix clearly has poor management and skewed priorities for their eastern and western franchises. This is the company that would spend so much making a proprietary engine that most of their modern games won’t even use but then go on to complain about a game selling 3.4 million in four weeks(which I remind you was instantly the best selling Tomb Raider game in that short period in 13 years).

PhoenixUp27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

How dafuq is Tomb Raider a milked franchise? That kind of dumb rhetoric can be applied to any successful franchise.

“Still, while Square Enix are disappointed in Tomb Raider”

What’s there to be disappointed about?

Tomb Raider sold 7 million
Tomb Raider II sold 6.5 million
Tomb Raider III sold 6 million
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation sold 5 million
Tomb Raider Chronicles sold 1.5 million
Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness sold 2.5 million
Tomb Raider: Legend sold 2 million
Tomb Raider Anniversary sold 1.3 million
Tomb Raider: Underworld sold 2.6 million
Tomb Raider 2013 sold 11 million
Rise of the Tomb Raider sold 7 million
Shadow of the Tomb Raider sold 4.12 million so far

As can clearly be seen here, Square Enix successfully revitalized interest in the Tomb Raider series after interest was waning. And they're handling gen series better than when Eidos did when they wanted a Tomb Raider game out every year.

The reboot series with just three entries has already performed almost as well as Kingdom Hearts did as as a whole in its first 15 years and close to a third of the Tomb Raider franchise’s entire sales.

If something like that disappoints you then you clearly have messed up priorities. You must also see Kingdom Hearts 2, Dragon Quest XI, NieR: Automata & many of Square Enix’s other titles over the years as commercially disappointing games as well because they didn’t move as huge a number.

Flynn_Ryder_89727d ago

It was Square Enix who said it underperformed and was victim of a crowded market. 4.12 million units is a great number.

opc27d ago

sounds good to us, but does that cover the cost of making and marketing the game?

PhoenixUp27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Square Enix said every Tomb Raider in the latest reboot series underperformed soon after its release. It’s like clockwork. The title then goes on to move huge numbers shortly after.

This isn’t anything new. Even Tomb Raider: Underworld, the best selling title in the franchise at the time since The Last Revelation, was said to have underperformed by Eidos.

Eidos pretty much relied on Tomb Raider to stay afloat since it was their main flagship series at the time so their disappointment isn’t as egregious, but Square Enix clearly has grossly unrealistic expectations for the series and their western titles as a whole.

monkeyporn27d ago

I'm not sure where you got those sales numbers but they're WAY WAY off maybe you like to provide citations for them ?

Howard884427d ago (Edited 27d ago )

PhoenixUP provided links, as reference for his numbers, he provided. You are just stating, "way way off" with no links/reference. Do you have any valid evidence to provide? Sorry, but your words mean nothing to me, alone, without concrete evidence.

PhoenixUp27d ago

Got them from Square Enix themselves.

Do your own darn research before criticizing other for actually knowing their facts


monkeyporn27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

LOL I have done my own research thats how I known your number s are WRONG ! Trusting Square to give you accurate numbers was your first mistake.

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Traecy27d ago

It needs a 3 to 4 year hiatus then come back with something grander.