Helgast Generals scene in new trailer was realtime

According to Seb Downie, QA Manager for Guerilla Games, the scene where the Helgast generals come out and overlook the destruction in the city was in real time.

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aaron234105d ago

game over for competition

sonarus4105d ago

having played the beta i can easily say those are standard gameplay graphics

Jpinter4105d ago

Killzone 2 definitely utilizes technology not seen in gaming yet, or at least to the level they do. Everything from lighting effects to rendering. The general scene for example shows high detail in the character models as well as amazing draw distance and effects for the back drop.

spandexxking4104d ago

who didnt think it was real-time?

coolfool4104d ago

when did we not think it was real-time? wasn't the whole trailer real-time?

Mozilla894104d ago

I like the part where he says sometimes the controls locket up and the player would throw a grenade into the cutscene. That would be hilarious.

chewy3174104d ago

"There is of course some special animations for it, but if we wanted to we could run into the scene, guns blazing. In fact there have been bugs in the game where the player controls were not locked out properly and you could still throw grenades into a cutscene, wreaking havoc with the narrative."


Tarasque4104d ago

That scene doesn't look anymore amazing than the rest of the game.

Pain4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

oh baby

halloween bubbles~ @above o ooo oOoo0ooOo

marinelife94104d ago

LOL Who would NOT want to throw grenades into the cutscene?! They should leave that bug IN!

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Demonxx4105d ago

Killzone 2 Rules .. Nothing else

xhi44105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

Its over folks.

Lol that sh1t is insane, with games at better than CGI levels on the PS3 in only the beginning of it's third year........damn.

Its already the third year for 360........where is it's Killzone 2?

and don't tell me Gears of War 2 otherwise I'll show you this

It makes you wonder what kind of games will look like on the PS3 in it's fourth year, or fifth year, or sixth, or seventh, or eighth, or ninth, or tenth.

Makes you wonder what God of War 3 is gonna look like......*drools*

thor4105d ago

And that's a bullshot of Gears 2!!

aaron234105d ago

Gears2 look worse than Resistance 2
and why bring it up anyway

we all know KZ2 looks miless better than anything out there and it also plays miles better , i am saying this cuz i played the beta

it is like SUPERCHARGED cod4 with 10x better graphics

xhi44105d ago

if by bullshot you mean a fake it is real, it's from gamespot, IGN has the SAME picture posted up

see. No bullshot, that's Gears of War 2 (1.5)

aaron234105d ago

the real ones actually look a little worse than that too

pwnsause4104d ago

when we mean Bullshot, we mean a cleaned up picture, aka photoshop to clean up the in-game pic.

thor4104d ago

The official screenshots that have been released are often bullshots. This means they are released at a higher resolution than is even possible on 360, and have lots of AA and post-processing has been applied.

Of course, we expect a screenshot to show off a game's best side - if you take a screenshot at the best moment you can make a game look really good - but that's not what this is about. The bullshots released by Epic often have improved lighting, AA, resolution and detail.

In Gears 2's case there is actually a full-screen motion blur effect the whole time so if you take an actual screenshot it does look blurry.

Tarasque4104d ago

It is funny i have been noticing this alot here latley. Actually 360 fanboys don't start sh!t as much as people think they do it is retards like xhi4 that cause problems. Nobody said one bad word or came in here trolling until you ran your mouth. Shame maybe i haven't seen your post before cause i know i would have ignored you, but it is tooken care of.

4104d ago
ThatCanadianGuy4104d ago

Oh yeah guys..tell that to pp/failstation3/flopstation3/g aystation3
La chance/GiantEnemyCrab/POG/MART /Bladestar and the 20+ other morons always starting it.

Incase you didn't realize..this is a PS3 article.There not in a 360 article bashing or trolling.And it's obvious
(by looking at your old comments) You're a 360 fanboy yourself.Don't try and act so innocent.

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FBl4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

I strongly believe it would be impossible for the Xbox 360 to render a single pubic hair of a Helghast General

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