Atlus USA Wants to Know if You Want Persona or Catherine on Switch, Xbox One, or PC and Much More

Atlus is asking its fans a lot of questions, including whether they'd like Persona games, Catherine, and more on other platforms.

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lxeasy24d ago

Just took the survey. A bit longer than I thought. But some Persona ports are always welcomed

lelo2play24d ago

Yep... saw the first page (represents 5% of the survey) ... and gave up.

AnthonyDavis24d ago

I said I want PC Ports but no Switch or Xbox ports. More gamers get to play being better is a myth. That means more casual gamers get to play and it ruins how developers make their games to target the casual audience. And more time wasted spent porting.

24d ago
XabiDaChosenOne24d ago

@JimmyCagney your interpretation of that comment is the definition of brain dead and stupid.

NapalmSanctuary24d ago

@AnthonyDavis Giving casuals a chance to appreciate games with more depth is never a bad thing. It could make the industry, as a whole, much better. How else are they supposed to come to the understanding that over prioritizing things like accessibility tends to ruin games. I also don't understand the idea that Switch and Xbone gamers are, by definition, casual.

AnthonyDavis24d ago


Has already happened. Why you think mobile, iPad, gyro motion games have taken off. There’s more demand for simple and shallow games.

Less demand for well thought out and paced core games now.

AnthonyDavis24d ago (Edited 24d ago )


It’s not the consoles themselves. The principle of multiplatform is a concept for letting more gamers access it which is not a good thing.

Also let me ask you guys this question? Which industry has benefiffited from the casual audience? And by benefit I mean which industry got better critically apart from money.

Casuals help you earn money but they make industries shallow. Music, Movies, games, books, sports. I can make a case for all those where the casual audience ruined the industry.

Weeblordbad24d ago


Who decides, who or what a casual is? All of your examples reek of simple gatekeeping and have no real basis in reality. So let's look at your comment history here, and ohhhh you've got an axe to grind. So surprising!

AnthonyDavis23d ago

Lol you moving goal posts. You know what I mean by who is a casual gamer. If you don’t know, then your a casual gamer as well.

There is proof. Sports they encourage more scoring and making the players more safe to appease the casuals.

Movies, it’s more about superhero movies than drama movies now.

Music, the only good genre right now is is hip hop and pop.

Books, do people even read anymore

Games, the shift to mobile games and less big budget AAA complex games.

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LG_Fox_Brazil24d ago

Atlus please, a collection with Persona 1 to 4 on a single disc would be awesome. Please, make it happen

mezati9924d ago

limiting your fanbase to one console is so SO dumb....

i hope all atlus games comes to ALL platforms

jukins24d ago

Lol well when most of the fan base arent interested in it why waste the resources

mezati9924d ago

PC and Switch ARE thirsty for some of dem JRPGs bruh

jaymacx24d ago

The only fan base that isn't really interested in JRPG is Xbox (Even though I bought mostly all of Xbox's JRPG games like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey). Plenty of Nintendo and PC fans love them.

HighPlayer2824d ago

Couldn't agree more with this post it's a no brainer really shouldn't even be asked. If you want to grow your niche games into a popular franchises then limiting your games to one platform is beyond stupid looking at you Sega.

hulk_bash198724d ago

The more people that can get their hands on games like Persona 5 is a good thing. I played it on day 1 on PS4 and it is easily one of my favorite JRPGs of all time.

The Wood24d ago

Truly great experience. Wish it won game of the year. . . .twice lol

rpvenom24d ago

One of the few games of this generation that made me constantly anticipate and rush home from work to play with every minute of my spare time! A true gem for this generation!

HighPlayer2824d ago

What is this game about? Is it like Tokyo Ghoul

HighPlayer2824d ago

I always thought this game looked interesting and wanted to play it but it never came to Xbox. I hope it does so I can find out what this anime is about.

rpvenom24d ago

I've never played tokyo ghoul so I can't compare.. what I will say is that it's a classic and modern return to jrpg.. turn based gameplay is not popular anymore but they made it worked and the story is amazing.. you really feel immersed and connected with the characters because all of them were very well made.. the story starts a bit slow but once you're in.. you'll never want to leave.. I hope you guys get to play it man.. it really is a game I will never forget..

DerekTweed24d ago

I tried it after I got a PS4 pro, one of the best games I've played this gen. It is very long, around 100 hours to finish. It's based in Tokyo, you go to school, do certain activities to increase skills. "hang out" with friends to increase your bond.

You collect, basically, monsters that you can use during the turn based combat. They have different elemental abilities that are weak/strong against different monsters. You can fuse the monsters to make other monsters and find "recipes" for creating more powerful ones.

There is a lot of text based dialogue so you'll have to read a lot or skip it and not understand what's happening.

This is still skipping some of the other mechanics but this is the biggest stuff. Of course there is a story and dialogue choices that affect the ending.

All in all, it's a fantastic game. 10/10 for me