Dead Space Vs. Silent Hill Homecoming: Halloween Special

Blend writes: "Since this isn't just another "Who's best at" battle bout, we have some new rules implemented for this special scare-tastic event. It's quite simple, really. Which game seems scarier, and why?"

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smturner684273d ago

Has anyone played it yet? What do ya think of it?

Arsenic134273d ago

Its not Silent Hill 2 but its pretty enjoyable, im sure the devs can make a superb SH game next time around, now that they have our criticisms.

Serjikal_Strike4273d ago

Personally I thought it was the best one of the S.h. series

RadientFlux4273d ago

I prefer Dead Space, but I found Silent Hill to be more scary. While at the same time I was bored quickly in Silent Hill and can't wait to get back and play through Dead Space one more time.

In Dead Space you were pretty much armed to the teeth with weapons that can easily take down about anything.

While in Silent Hill you are often stuck with a melee weapon and have to get up and close with enemies.

BlackTar1874273d ago

Man armed to the teeth and still run out of rounds in Dead Space on hard. i just beat it and Ill tell you it was so damn intense knowing that I can burn ammo quickly if i dont think real quick. love dead space and thjought it was one of the most intense games ever on hard that is every level was getting harder and by level 8 man it was ridiculus.

Please be aware my style of games like this is somewhat of a hoarder I like it harder so i try and not use health packs like I beat the game with over 10large and about 6 medium never bought one. I also like to hoard my power nodes I like the feeling of saving up like 15 or more and powering up all at once. So i can feel the differnce on everything. So take waht i said abovce with a grain of salt becasue I know the way i like to play these games make it overall harder.

4273d ago
BlackTar1874273d ago

Ill tell you its nuts when you got the guys that run fast as hell and the guys that never stop regening and then you throw in the guys who hand can kill you when it hits by exploding plus put all those guys in there Oil black upgrade and only a ripper to defend you left it is fricken hektic as all hell. also the stupid little guys with the 3 arms things are annoying.

But the wall guys take forever to kill if your not careful and they can get your ligfe to woth those stupid waste of ammo things they shoot out.

Keltiik4273d ago

I played through Silent Hill and Dead Space.

Play Dead Space if you want to jump out of your chair (not saying I'm did it but well, ok yes I did) surround sound helps this.

Play Silent Hill for more of a your constantly stressed out and it's more of a paranormal atmosphere, that game is just plain creepy.