Series Artist claims Silent Hill 3 was supposed to be a Rails Shooter, calls it "a terrible plan"

Masahiro Ito is responsible for many of the monster designs and iconic art featured in the Silent Hill games.

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PhantomS421487d ago

Thank the gods it wasn't

NarooN1487d ago

They did wind up making a rails shooter SH game. It was called "Silent Hill: The Arcade" and arcade-only release. It wasn't actually too bad, it was a pretty by-the-numbers rail shooter where some of the more iconic monsters from the series pop up. It had its own story (which wasn't anything to write home about, but it was there) with a unique cast of characters. You can find footage on youtube and if you use some google-fu you can find a port somebody made of it where it runs on Windows.

CrimsonWing691487d ago

Man, please make a holiday in the name of the person who stopped that from happening.