TeamXbox: Tom Clancy's EndWar Updated Impressions

Let's face it: The real-time strategy market isn't exactly brimming with success when it comes to the consoles. In fact, many developers shy away from the consoles with their PC RTS goods, simply because of the problems converting intricate keyboard-and-mouse commands over to a controller. There's also the stigma of console RTSes sucking (mainly due to the aforementioned control issues), which doesn't do much for the confidence levels of developers trying to diversify their strategic portfolios.

There have been a few recent, valiant attempts to change the console user's thinking when it comes to real-time strategy games. Most of these involve coming up with an intuitive means of converting keyboard-and-mouse commands to a controller, and most of these have helped in making better console RTSes. But only one console RTS is trying to revolutionize the way in which these popular action games are played: Tom Clancy's EndWar.

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