Far Cry New Dawn physical sales just a quarter of Far Cry Primal's

Far Cry New Dawn topped the UK chart this week, but its launch week sales were a far cry (sorry) from those of its predecessors.New Dawn's sales were just...

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Gaming1011683d ago

The two female villains in New Dawn are about as threatening and menacing as a mouse with a toothpick sword. It's all part of the feminist nonsense "women can do whatever men can do" bullshit that is permeating our culture.

Dark_Overlord1683d ago

I find it funny personally, the amount of Women I've seen punch a bloke in the face then immediately get floored is priceless. They only want equality in certain areas XD Tough luck, equality doesn't mean cherry picking.

chazjamie1683d ago

god damn. you are a legend.

Inzo1684d ago

We are looking at an industry collapse unfold before our very eyes. Ubisofts wokeness along with Far Cry fatigue and the "more of the same" scenario are but some of the reasons for this. Anthem is also going to perform poorly and Crackdown 3 could not even "crack" the top ten. Gamers are finally talking with their wallets.........sort of.

HisokaTheMagician1684d ago

Most Crackdown players are playing it through Game Pass.

DasTier1684d ago

Not sure why you’re getting disagreed with...

Oh wait, it’s N4G.

UltraNova1684d ago

Of course they are, why would anyone buy it?

Livingthedream1684d ago

@ultranova I imagine most MS exclusives will see less sales since game pass offers the games day one. I play Forza but didn't purchase it, nor would I have spent any money on it, so this is a big plus for them. The only game I would probably purchase is halo and gears, since they have a major online component, and I may one day decide to cancel my gamepass sub. But let's say fable comes out on game pass that's a no brainer

TacoTaco1684d ago

Far Cry 5 just one year ago sold $310m in its early launch days. Franchise best, and only behind The Division for Ubisoft's entire history.
The Division 2 is seeing 6x higher preorders on PC than the original game.
Assassin's Creed Odyssey outsold Origins at launch, which itself had double the launch sales of Syndicate.
Crackdown 3 is the terrible sequel to the very-average Crackdown 2, which only existed because Crackdown 1 sold well for basically being a fun free game alongside the Halo 3 Beta.

Anthem I'll give to you, that sucks for no other reason than it just going in a wrong direction.

Inzo1684d ago

Dont ya know Taco in my post I am only talking about Far cry, right? Cherry picking is real.

TacoTaco1684d ago

Yeah, and I'm pointing out how it's delusional to suggest there's any industry collapse through your cherry picking of (1) a spin-off no one asked for that just so happens to follow immediately after one of Ubisoft's most successful titles ever, and (2) your references of other poor-reviewed titles that function as GaaS

spicelicka1684d ago

Far cry 5 was one of the top selling games of 2018....

Inzo1684d ago

Ummm... Im talking about Far cry new dawn.

TacoTaco1684d ago

Don't ya know, spice? After a successful 2018 in every way, one sales report on a not-asked-for Spin Off is enough to declare total industry collapse.

spicelicka1684d ago

You are declaring wokeness and industry collapse from a Far cry expansion lol. I'm really not sure what you're getting at.

opc1684d ago

I'll help translate, he's upset because there are black people in the artwork.

opc1684d ago

yep another person confirmed that they are calling it woke because there are pink black girls in this game.

Inzo1684d ago

Yes lol because Far cry lol is the only game I am referring to lol that is performing poorly lol and pointed out its wokeness lol as the only reason its tanking lol.

I can understand why you dont get what I am saying, that usually happens when you dont read someone's post properly.

nucky641684d ago

if, by "talking with their wallets", they don't want the same game reskinned over and over - yea, i agree. i don't believe this signals an "industry collapse" though.

Inzo1684d ago

Its happened before its bound to happen again.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence1684d ago

"wokeness"...Please stop with this unbelievably ignorant term.

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smolinsk1684d ago

Primal was something new and fresh, this new dawn is not that.

1684d ago
Kabaneri1684d ago

I dont doubt that it sold less, but physical sales are no longer as important in a market that is increasingly digital.

neutralgamer19921684d ago

You can't use that excuse when a game sells lower than expected because just last year FC5 physical sales were just fine

Physical sales still make up for huge portion of game sales. No doubt moving forward digital will become bigger but physical will always have its own space

Kornholic1684d ago

Yep. Physical sales are still the majority on consoles.

Sm00thNinja1684d ago

Physical sales are still indicative that digital sales are behind as well. Market is still largely physical how are sales no longer important

neutralgamer19921684d ago

Latest estimate by EA put digital sales at about 39% yet some people act like digital is 95%

nucky641684d ago

we'll find out if you're right when ps5 and nextbox come - if what you say is accurate, they won't even offer physical sales - correct?
btw - i don't agree with you. internet speeds are not universally fast enough everywhere for digital to be the norm.