That Gaming Site: UPDATE: Mortal Kombat 2 back on the PS Store?

So, after being MIA for a couple of weeks, Mortal Kombat 2 is apparently back to the PS Store all nice and dandy. However, SOME things are still somewhat fishy... click the link below for the full story.

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FBl4653d ago

Do you think Xbox 360 can run Mortal Kombat II?If yes,why do you do drugs?

Cernex4653d ago

1.- The X-Box 360 runs UMK3 so... yes

2.- Drugs? What the...

El Cernex

pwnsause4653d ago

he's doing it for the lulz.

pwnsause4653d ago

yes, MK2 is back on the Store.

Elven64653d ago

:) What if any changes were made to the game itself?

pixelsword4653d ago

...but I really don't give a rip about MKII, tbph.