Dear Square Enix, It’s Time To Stop Hurting Your Fans

Square Enix is currently the most clever publisher in the gaming industry. While others like EA and Activision are more forward with their money-making schemes, Square Enix does it in secret.

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FallenAngel198428d ago

It was pretty shitty of Square Enix to basically threaten western consumers to buy Dragon Quest on PS4 & PC if they wanted to see more of the franchise in the West, yet have the nerve to say they aren’t sure whether to give them the new features from the upcoming rerelease of the game like they did with World of Final Fantasy Maxima content.

SegaGamer27d ago

I don't understand why they are so half hearted with their Dragon Quest releases in the west. They seem to release these games under the radar or a long time after they have been released in Japan, then they threaten to not release any more of them to the west if we don't buy them. No other Square Enix Japanese game is like this. They hyped up Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts 3 massively, Dragon Quest is easily as good as these two series (better in my opinion) so I don't see why Square Enix don't promote them better outside of Asia.

Seraphim27d ago

Dragon Quest has never been a strong seller in the US. Though hopefully that has changed now.

Dragon Quest VII, 200k. Dragon Quest VIII, 430k US. Obviously aside from some titles RPGs just aren't big sellers in the US. PS2 days when DQ8 dropped RPGs were only selling 250-500k. Be it NISA titles, Tales of, etc, they just weren't getting the sales numbers.

Though a lot of other games/genres simply weren't selling at that time either. Okami was a beautiful game but due to it's poor sales Clover was shuttered. Beyond Good and Evil was a bargain bin game after only 2-3 months selling for $10.

DQ definitely is up there with FF or KH. I never played Dragon Warrior games as I was never an RPG fan back on NES but Dragon Warrior VII [PS], Dragon Quest VIII [PS2] were two phenomenal games. I'd say that, yes, DQ8 rivals FFXII which was amazing and also released on the PS2. Dragon Quest XI was easily one of the best RPGs I've played this gen. I truly hope that DQ is a well received and loved IP in the US now.

indysurfn27d ago

wait wait this qoute is funny: " Even a company like EA, who everyone seems to hate, was able to learn from the loot box controversy. "

ROFL.....NO EA DID NOT Seem to learn.

Chaosdreams27d ago

After FF15 (enjoyed it, but my world was it flawed......... so much) and hearing how they are treating the fans on ps4/pc with regards to Dragon Quest - it just screams disorganization. What should be a no brainer (releasing a complete game / not announcing content too early / being honest) is apparently hard for them.

Traecy27d ago

Before adding Enix they were my favorite JRPG developers.It seems now they've lost their way.

coolastheycome27d ago

Buy the Switch version. I have on PS4 and will be getting it on Switch.

ShadowWolf71226d ago

Or they could release the additional content as $20 DLC that I can buy instead of expecting me to buy another copy of the game (and potentially a whole new system) to get it.

AK9127d ago

The definitive edition should be released on ALL platforms.