Profits over people: Activision Blizzard fires 800 workers

The Blade's Will Harrison: The workers of the games industry deserve better. Consumers deserve better. The communities of people who come together around games like Overwatch deserve better. Kotick deserves to be fired for failing to protect the people who helped him obtain his 30 pieces of silver.

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MegaKooter27d ago

Those 800 people's jobs were no longer available. They were esports jobs and social media jobs. It's not the responsibility to give these people jobs in positions that no longer exist.

If you bothered to actually do your research you would also see that activation/blizzard plan to grow their dev teams by 20% so these professional twitter trolls should just "learn to code" if they want a job at blizz/acti.

Rachel_Alucard27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

They were de-investing in their e-sports division and releasing more games instead of relying on single game releases propped up by slow updates for years. They shouldn't of bloated their E-sports division this big in the first place so they wouldn't be dealing with the blowback like now. You can't just move 800 people somewhere else when they have no skills on record that could help develop their games. Kotick can't take a pay cut because it won't help the company any different since they would still have 800 people working in a section that is losing money. They report they made good profits last year but continuing like they have been recently will give them a massive net loss and lose revenue. This entire thing is for the future. These people kept saying "vote with your wallet" for years, well people did and now they're all mad at Activision and Kotick while blaming capitalism as usual. They are aiming to have a head count of 10,000 devs by 2020 so while 800 community people were fired, many more were given opportunity as a result.

BlackDoomAx26d ago

Don't you guys all have jobs ?