PSP Tops Hardware Sales Again, PS3 Sinks To New Low

The bad news continues for Sony's PlayStation 3, which suffers its worst week ever, selling just half of what its HD competition did, shedding nearly 17% of its sales week-to-week. Those LittleBigPlanet bundles can't come soon enough.

PSP - 60,467
Wii - 24,292
Nintendo DS - 22,965
Xbox 360 - 7,844
PlayStation 2 - 6,962
PlayStation 3 - 3,931

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Dannagar4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

The Japanese market is in a poor state as far as video games go. With the exception of Capcom, their developers have fallen behind Western Developers; probably because they spend most of their time developing games for the portables. The Japanese are missing out on the best generation in video game history. We are in the golden age of gaming.

aaron234614d ago

the new ps3 sku and a couple of games like lbp/gta4 along with the bundles are being released as we speak

next week ps3 sales would get a huge boost

Breakfast4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

Exactly. Why do we hold so much weight to the Japanese market.

Makes no sense. They sell about 10 times less then NA, and it has about half the population.

Enough of Japan. Let them make games.
And keep letting Capcom appeal to the North American gamer :)

Yoma4614d ago

LOL breakfast yer sh1t you made me laugh

Breakfast4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

I just used xbox is the best, as a simply catch phrase...i didnt know it was taken though.

Xbox is the BEST, is the best.


DRUDOG4614d ago

Jeez, Breakfast, way to waste most of yer bubbles :P

Here, I'll give you one so you can keep me in stitches...

BTW, where's toughname been?

Breakfast4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

But he lives on.

Sounds gay, i know, but its true.


On Topic:

Xbox 360 - 7,844
PlayStation 3 - 3,931


DRUDOG4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

Oh well, PS3 is losing ground in the Japanese market...

I'll just go back to playing LBP here in the NA market where they seem to be doing just fine even with a certain competitor's price drop.

Numbers, schmumbers. I could spin those so many different ways, but I'll leave that up to the politicians. :D

But, but what had happen was. . . . :P

EDIT: @Sarcasm
"Skimpy skirts with big boobs and wet white panties..."

We all could use a little bit more of that in this world. :D

Sarcasm4614d ago

What's LBP bundles really going to do in Japan? Are they even excited about that game as much as the rest of the world?

We all know Japanese gamers love the same crap over and over again. Skimpy skirts with big boobs and wet white panties...

Come to think of it... I might be japanese myself... O_O

power of Green 4613d ago

Don't forget the 360 is gaining popularity in Japan though(won best of TGS etc)

"The Japanese market is in a poor state"
Wii - 24,292... Isn't the 360 cheaper?

thewhoopimen4613d ago

It obviously isn't about price but about available content. In Japan the price difference between $199 and $249 is negligible. People regularly pay for alot more than that for just about any consumer product. Cheaper can only take a product so far.

SL1M DADDY4613d ago

Look at that PSP! I mean what the heck? That little hand held is selling like hotcakes!

vhero4613d ago

you think 360 selling 4k more consoles than ps3 really gonna make a differnce?? were talking about millions in differnces here in europe not thousands and yeah this is all LBP.

prowiew4613d ago

Im worried by the japanese market. 3,900 is just to low. And 3 million overall also. They need to do something quickly or we may start seeing less games with less budget from japanese developers and that will sucks.
A simple math will show you that 4,000 a week is 16,000 a month. Compared to the 200,000+ ps3 sells each month in NA. Thats scary
ps. Xbox in Japan dont stand a chance and even though is selling a little more than ps3, 4,000 to 7,000 a week is not a good business.

Xelai4613d ago

This is just so funny, now Japan is not worth as a market, but hey! Like two months ago Japan, according to Sony "supporters", was of vital importance, and now is not worth it.
It is just ridiculous how people spin things. Japan was not worth it 2 years ago nor now. Th UK is almost as big as Japan nowadays.

Try and be at least consistent.

bunbun7774613d ago

has 127 million apx, and apx 10% of those people live in Tokyo. NY city alone has over 8 million, in a country of over 300 million. The EU has over 500 million, while as I don't know how that transfers to actual gamers, Europe may be the home of the Video Game Renaissance of 2012.

Fallen_Angel4613d ago

it be be interesting to see how lbp actual does in japan. Its not doing so well here in NA

rockleex4613d ago

They are focusing on the PSP right now. 2009 will be year of the PSP because of what they are setting up currently.

PS3 was outselling PSP's back then because Sony had no choice but to focus on the PS3 or get left behind in the next gen race. But now that its close enough to the 360, they can step back and focus on the PSP.

Also, I'm not surprised because Sony announced nothing new at TGS for the PS3. Currently the only new games available for the PS3 are American targeted games.

By the way, GTAIV PS3 in Japan sold 77,000 units while GTAIV 360 sold 27,000... but does anyone care? Nope, they only see what they want to see.

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aaron234614d ago

lbp, gta4, a new ps3 sku and gta5 spec 3 bundles and lbp bundles are being released in japan

we will be getting lbp and gta4 first day sales in a couple of hours from now
expect ps3 hardware to jump to something between 20 grand to 50 grand next week

SUP3R4614d ago

You dream big nasi .... "aaron23"
20000-50000 lol, that would be simply amazing.

aaron234614d ago

thats very pragmatic
You will be seeing numbers in a few hours

JOLLY14614d ago

you have only been on this site for 5 hours and you are already a contributor? That is amazing. You have also posted 25 times in those 5 hours. Maybe you should go and get some rest. All of your posts look the exact same. It sort of looks like spam. I guess I will have to report all of your comments.

ReBurn4613d ago

It's easy to become a contributor in record time when you've taken the test so many times.

rockleex4613d ago

But on December 25th, the day of Jesus' birth. ^_^

White Knight Chronicles!!!

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aaron234614d ago

you are fanboyish at times but you are right on that

morganfell4614d ago

When does LBP hit Japan? You are going to see some crazy numbers that week.

aaron234614d ago

A new ps3 sku, lbp and gt5 spec 3 bundles have hit Japan today

we will be getting ps3 lbp and gta4 numbers in a few hours from now

morganfell4614d ago

Thanks aaron23. A lot of western titles do not fit Japan but LBP seems right up their alley.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

The xBox 360 is doing SH*T as well!!!(i.e At it's Low price + Lots of RPG's for Japan and it only sells 882 more?than the PS3??? That's Dreadful News for Micro$oft really)


Oh well this will be the LAST week the xBox 360 beats the PS3 in Japan!!! ;-D
+GOD, the PS3 has been beating the xBox 360 nearly all this year in Japan. Poor xBot Zombie Lemmings are living in False Hope!!! ;-D

theKiller4613d ago

made me laugh a lot! u r funny, bubble for u!!

man ps3 numbers r very low, almost like the table reversed, but we all know how well the bundles will sell with LBP and GT5!

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Dragunov4614d ago

Who cares? X360 sales are miserable too.

aaron234614d ago

the drought means that obviously people are waiting for the new bundle,lbp and gta4. oh gt5 spec3 bundles and lbp bundles too

cherrypie4614d ago

Yes, consoles in japan just arent as important as they were, its a portables market atm it seems.

However, its not a small matter that the Xbox 360 is outselling the PS3 (and PS2 now) for that smaller slice.

That says something very clearly: Japan's *game players* are choosing Xbox 360.

Jill Valentine4614d ago

ps3 sales are worst,a american company is outselling it.

Gam714613d ago

Drag you seem to miss the point.
Like so many.
The 360 wasn't supposed to beat the ps3 once this gen in Japan.
The ps3 wasn't supposed to be last... ever this gen in Japan.
In fact in the sony heartland it was supposed to be top from it's release.

Yes xbox sales are nowt to right home about but no-one expected them top be amazing so they have beaten everyone's expectations whereas the ps3 has underperformed.
And not for the first time

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FBl4614d ago

It's clear Sony still reigns supreme in the Japanese gaming market

Dmack794614d ago

This is mainly due to the fact that Sony is a Japanese company and the PS3 has games that are more cattered to Japan than the 360.