Media Create Sales: 2/11/19 – 2/17/19

The PlayStation 4 version of Jump Force opened at 76,894 retail sales in Japan last week, topping the week of new releases, the latest Media Create sales figures reveal.

For comparison’s sake, the last Jump fighting game, J-Stars Victory VS, opened in 2014 at 118,240 sales on PlayStation 3 and 97,821 sales on PS Vita for a total of 216,061 units. A PlayStation 4 version was later released in the west, but never in Japan.

Also new last week, Atlus’ Catherine: Full Body opened at 51,824 retail sales on PlayStation 4 and 9,241 sales on PS Vita for a total of 61,065 units. To compare, the original Catherine opened in 2011 at 136,531 sales on PlayStation 3 and 17,768 sales on Xbox 360 for a total of 154,299 units.

Other new releases include Far Cry: New Dawn, which opened at 26,285 retail sales on PlayStation 4, Metro Exodus, which opened at 17,513 on PlayStation 4, and Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi with Power-Up Kit, which opened at 10,326 on PlayStation 4 and 3,705 on Switch a total of 14,031 units.

On the hardware side, Switch sold 65,958 units, the PlayStation 4 family sold 19,684 units, and the 3DS family sold 4,754 units.

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DJK1NG_Gaming25d ago

This week gap between the Switch and PS4: 442, 916
Last week gap: 489,190

The 10th Rider25d ago

Switch should pass PS4 in about 10-12 weeks it looks like. First month or so of next fiscal year.

thesoftware73025d ago

I see a lot of new releases for the PS4 , but the system sale remains the same.

Somehow the switch manages to sell more units that it did last week.

King_Noctis25d ago

Switch got a boost even without any newsworthy games. Kindda make you wonder what will happen when games like Animal Crossing and Link’s Awakening are released.

Gemmol25d ago

Gap keeps on shrinking, switch would pass ps4 sooner if Nintendo didn’t keep the new titles in June and later

ZeekQuattro25d ago

Off week for the Switch yet gets a bump any way. Crazy.

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