Former Platinum Games Creative Producer Claims It's Unlikely That Scalebound is Coming Switch

Earlier this week, it was reported that Scalebound was being revived by Nintendo and would be released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, two years after Microsoft made the decision to cease development on the title.

However, a former creative producer at Platinum Games has spoken out and believes it is unlikely that Scalebound is being revived by Nintendo, let alone for the Switch.

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PhoenixUp29d ago

Yeah no shit

It’s sad that something so obvious even has to be stated because so many people believed this baseless rumor to be true

Sciurus_vulgaris29d ago

It’s the time of the year when many baseless rumours start coming out.

AnthonyDavis28d ago

Yep I hope it doesn’t come out because Nintendo ruins third party franchises like Bayonetta 2. I rather Scalebound be a pipe dream than Nintendo screwing it up.

MrSec8428d ago

@Anthony: yeah a 92% on Metacritic is really ruined, the first didn't get a lower score did?
Oh wait Bayonetta 1 is at 84%.

If it wasn't for Nintendo Bayonetta 2 would never have happened and it's great, because Nintendo supports developers, just as Sony does.

AnthonyDavis28d ago

^meta got it wrong and meta is usually wrong. Like RE2 remake ain’t no 92 or whatever it is. It’s about a 86. Bayonetta is the game that pushed the envelope forward. B2 streamlined it and took away what makes a hack and slash great. Poor level design. Fight 2 enemies then fight a boss rolling around. No memorable bosses. And bosses where you just dodge in the air.

BlackOni28d ago

Metacritic is a stupid base for argument, and review scores don't tell the whole picture of the value of an experience. Saying a game is an "86 rather than a 92" makes you sound petty. RE2 is phenomenal, both as a self aware love letter to fans of the series, but also as a technical marvel. But BEYOND that, claiming Nintendo "ruins third party franchises like Bayonetta 2" is ridiculous, especially when you consider what people have noted about the sequel to an already excellent game.

AnthonyDavis28d ago

^ those people are casual hack/slash. B2 didn’t do anything for the genre. B1 did like everything for the genre.

Sciurus_vulgaris28d ago

@AnthonyDavis Please stop replying to my comment.

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slavish029d ago

I know. I guess there is no big news people need to talk about something

DarXyde28d ago

But "unlikely" is not impossible either.

DarXyde28d ago

I'm not even implying it's going to be a thing.

I'm simply taking their words literally: unlikely is not outright denying anything.

I'm not expecting much, but it seems to not be off the table completely.

Zeref28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It's not completely baseless. Apparently according to some Industry Insiders, like Allana Pierce from IGN said that Platinum was looking to get back the Scalebound IP from Microsoft a few years ago. Microsoft would have to be incredibly stupid to sell the IP only for it to release exclusive to another platform, it goes without saying that it would not look good for Xbox. Just look at the shitstorm this rumor created, they would have to know the PR shitstorm it would create for Xbox if Scalebound came out exclusive to Switch. Platinum is also working on at least 3 Triple A games right now, Astral Chain, Bayonetta 3, Babylons fall and 3 mobile games. So they probably got their hands full right now. I feel like they probably went with Astral Chain since they couldn't get the IP from Microsoft.

I think it's safe to say that Microsoft did not want to sell them the IP.
If it was gonna be multiplatform on the other hand, I feel like they would have done it. That doesn't look nearly as bad as it being exclusive to Switch.

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Automatic7929d ago

It was click bait to rile up silly debates and mislead the individuals who believe everything in the internet.

DaDrunkenJester28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Pretty sure MS owns the IP. So unless they team up or sold Nintendo the IP... it is extremely unlikely.

Even though I would love to see Scalebound :/

instantstupor28d ago

They had to give up the IP after they attempted to renew it, owing to the fact they couldn't show how they might use it in the future...or at least that was the last thing I read. I can't even remember the source of that info, so keep that in mind lol.

DaDrunkenJester28d ago

"However, in the trademarkia portal , we can see that, although the IP is currently abandoned, it still belongs to Microsoft. Therefore, it seems that it is a complicated issue, since in some portals it does appear registered as Microsoft property, while in others the brand seems to have no owner at present."

Sciurus_vulgaris28d ago

IP and trademark don’t work like that.

Zeref28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

That's not how IP works lol. It shows as abandoned because it was cancelled, therefore it's not in active use, since it never came out. Microsoft still owns it. They renewed it in 2017. You're required to renew every 10 years(regardless of whether it's in use or not), So as far as public information goes the IP belongs to Microsoft until at least 2027.

It is still a possibility that they sell the IP to Nintendo or Platinum, or even Sony or Facebook for that matter.
If they had sold the IP we would have heard it by now since they need to register officially as the owners.

instantstupor27d ago

Well, there you go. I did make sure to at least attest to the fact my information was both based off an old memory and of unrecalled origin. I didn't want to state it as pure fact, but wanted it out there inc ase it was right. At least other people more in the know seem to be on top of it!

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Segata28d ago

They don't own the trademark tho. The game began as a Wii title so for all we know if there is even a chance at this rumor they remake it closer to that version. That version had Dinosaurs instead of Dragons.

Zeref28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

They do own it.
The fact that it began as a Wii title is completely irrelevant.

Halo began as a Mac title. And we all know Microsoft owns Halo.

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