Anthem Nerfs Chest Farming for High Rarity Loot

Anthem developer BioWare has pushed an update live that decreases the rarity of drops from chests.The team did so after a farming method was discovered that let players load up a high difficulty mission and farm high rarity loot.

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Christopher28d ago

Looking more and more like Destiny. Not realizing how farming works by release and fixing them without realizing why people are farming rather than playing the game as intended (hint: people want to be rewarded for time invested).

OnlyThoseOnTheFence28d ago

The worst part is that Bioware nerfed Fusion Rifles!

rdgneoz328d ago

Release day is tomorrow... Also, the patch yesterday increased Masterwork rewards for GM bosses and legendary contracts so that people are getting a ton of masterwork gear from just playing the content till the end (and not leaving part way through as the early chests don't pop them up as often),and not cheesing stuff like the good old Destiny loot caves or Divison Bullet King farming that got patched after a few days. Overall, people will find ways to cheese stuff and get loot fast, and then get bored because they have the best loot. Happens in every game.

Christopher28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Then you design a system where progression is longer but still rewarding. Getting gear shouldn't be the end all, but leveling it up and customizing it should. Instead, it's loot based which then turns it into a system of just farming and nothing else.

None of these issues are new, I agree, but developers refuse to adjust to these to encourage longer play while not holding off on reward potential. Heck, many MMOs knew this almost two decades ago when they implemented legendary gear that itself required leveling up as well as additional achievement systems for advancing beyond the base. The industry is trying to turn MP games into MMOs but ignoring what that entails or requires.

P.S. Release day was when people who owned it could play. If it was last week, it was last week. Tomorrow is just when people didn't pay extra to play it earlier.

ziggurcat28d ago

It's always annoying when devs patch legit farming methods. Worse is that they do it to increase the grind by just enough to make you want to buy their booster packs.

Spartacus1028d ago

Too much loot for little time invested = too easy and gets boring quick.
Too little loot for a long time invested = too tedious and gets boring.
Conclusion: games where there is an emphasis on grinding for loot are boring.

randomhero2428d ago

This headline.....everything wrong with games now is in that headline.

jukins28d ago

Multiplayer games with tiered gear have done this for ages it's not new that's what keeps most people playing the lure of better gear if it were easy the game wouldn't last long.

I expect anthem to go through a ton of changes in its lifetime however long it turns out to be. I got it coming from gamefly I intend to play it randomly till I'm bored as of right now doesnt look like a keeper