Superhero games Nintendo should grab as exclusives next

Nintendo Enthusiast: “Nintendo is bringing Ultimate Alliance 3 to Switch in 2019. This got me thinking, what other superhero games would I like to see on the platform?”

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SuperSonic9130d ago

Kiddie version of games maybe but if your talking about Spiderman PS4 level of production Not Gonna Happen!
Big N is so stingy.
They are a low investment high return company.
The games for their "captured market" doesn't need high production values, no visionary direction, etc.
They are just waiting every year for the next batch of children they can sell their kiddie games.

Yes, PlayStation relegated them to that level because they refuse to grow their franchises and opt for the easy money- mom and dad's hard earned cash for their little kids.

Literal_Cringe30d ago

So, do you get paid to make absolutely trash comments? Where do I sign up because that sounds like an easy job, would be pretty sad if someone does this all for free.

EddieNX 30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

No one's going to dignify you with a proper response if you type such childish gibberish, which is just the pinnacle of irony after reading your latest comment.

King_Noctis29d ago

I should view your posts as joke from now on.