US Government Steals Nintendo Music for Flash Game

Nintendo fans discover that an old game released by the United States government includes audio that it took from the Nintendo DS game, Yoshi's Island DS.

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CrimsonWing69585d ago

whelp y'know how governments are corrupt n' all.

Eonjay585d ago

Truth isn't truth. If the White House says it isn't stolen or even that Nintendo stole it from them, their followers are kinda obligated to believe it.

ChrisW585d ago

So someone hired a developer to make a flash game, and that developer used music from Yoshi's Island. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't it the developer's fault first and foremost for knowingly ripping off the music?

And No! Most likely no one in the EPA questioned the music because they most likely never played Yoshi's Island. So, IMO, it's not the gov's fault, it's the developer's fault... and I'm damn certain the gov will be no longer doing business with them.

rainslacker585d ago

The dev could be held culpable, but the company, or in this case the government, is ultimately responsible for performing its due diligence and not infringing on copyright.

ChrisW585d ago

Well... If the company / government were smart (not saying they always are...), they would have put in the contract that the product will be made on "good faith." And if not, then they would be able to get the dev for breach of contract.

rainslacker584d ago

Yeah, that's why I said the dev could be held culpable. But if Nintendo decided to sue, which they probably wouldn't and would just issue a cease and desist, then they'd sue the US government, then the government would sue the developer, or there would already be something in the contract to deal with that...which wouldn't surprise me being it's from the US government.