Crackdown 3 Is Proof That Microsoft Is Still Playing Catch-Up to Sony

Liam: "My Xbox One rarely sees the light of day, but since its release last week, I've been playing Crackdown 3. It's dumb, mindless fun that doesn't move the needle in the slightest. Announced nearly five years ago, it needed to be more than that for Microsoft, though – a company in dire need of something positive to talk about outside of first-party studio acquisitions. As one of maybe two or three major Xbox One exclusives set to release in 2019, Crackdown 3 needed to be more than a bang-average title if it wanted to pit itself against the sea of quality content you can only find on PlayStation 4. It was a development cycle that's actually not so dissimilar to that of The Last Guardian's, but that's where the major difference between the two brands lie. Sony supports its projects through the highs and lows of development because it can recognise a diamond in the rough, whereas Microsoft has to otherwise it'll have nothing else to talk about."

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Jin_Sakai533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

“Crackdown 3 Is Proof That Microsoft Is Still Playing Catch-Up to Sony“

They’ll never catch up to Sony.

Sony worldwide studios are some of the best and most talented developers in the world.

They already have an established VR platform, PlayStation VR and SIE Japan made one of the best and most recognized VR games to date, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission.

Sony also have the trust of gamers and a massive user base that will be looking forward to PS5. Xbox doesn’t stand a chance.

Hardiman533d ago

So true about Sony having the trust because they do, they earned it. They allow devs to think outside the box and be creative and more times than not it's a homerun!

When Cory pitched GOW Shawn and the other bigwigs were like "naw we think it needs to rest" until they heard his pitch and saw the passion but M$ wouldn't have stopped with Ascension, let alone take a chance in changing an established IP like that.

It's night and day and it's sad because they have a playbook because Xbox at a time had solid games.

bouzebbal533d ago

They are out in nowhere.. They try to do things differently but they are doing it so badly. They are clearly lost..
They are more like playing catch up with themselves

Sevir533d ago

That kind of Talent is cultivated and allowed to mature with the industry environment around them. They aren't just forced into making games on the prognosis of nostalgia.

Crackdown 3 would be awesome if this was made in 2007... But it's 2019, if this game was going to succeed, it'd need to meet the evolutionary narrative and gameplay standards that have become pervasive and prevalent in 2019. In that regard it fails.

It's a game that they should have pulled the plug on, and instead pushed Scalebound.

It shows you what kind of gaming company MS is. "GAS", and that's hit or miss and there is a steep learning curve to pulling one off, and a long gestation period for establishing a fan and player base to support a game of that type.

Thats why Sony pivoted hard in the PS3 era into single player experiences, once ND struck gold with Uncharted. Now in PS4 era they've cultivated Studios that are at the top of their game. It didn't come easy, and there have been some misses, Knack and The Order come to mind.

All eyes are now on Bend Studio. And I had reservations, but they've crafted some amazing stories already, Resistance Retribution on PSP and Uncharted Golden Abyss did the franchise they originated from well. I'm pretty sure they'll release a good thing with Day's Gone.

MS, needs to spend the entirety of Gen 9 empowering, and trusting it's developers to get it right.

I'm low-key hoping Sony buys NT from them. Lol cause those guys and girls are amazing story tellers and fit better with Sony than MS

RangerWalk267533d ago

I agree with you in the sense that Sony has loyal fans. They remind me a lot of Apple. Fanboys blindly by the product. That being said, I think you'll see a lot of people buying both consoles next generation. Similar to the 360 and PS3 generation

mkis007533d ago

Gamers follow the games they are interested in. If xbox put out quality games that could be considered for a goty award, they would have more fans worldwife.

Jin_Sakai533d ago

“I agree with you in the sense that Sony has loyal fans. They remind me a lot of Apple. Fanboys blindly by the product.”

Sony has amazing exclusives and gamers trust them. That’s why they have such loyal fans.

Xbox fans don’t demand quality games so they keep getting mediocre exclusives. They’re blinded by the lies and PR crap they keep getting fed by Microsoft.

Nyxus533d ago

It has nothing to do with blindly buying a product, quite the opposite.

Ratchet75533d ago

So in your logic Xbox 1 should be north of 90 million by now😂😂😂 .
People do not need to buy both consoles, especially if most Xbox games come on pc.

KickSpinFilter532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

No one is buying PS4 blindly. It delivering in games period. If anything Xbox fans are following MS blindly, or at least those who have yet to switch. I was already to switch before the start of this gen but MS has made no move to do that. They were close with Inside but a month later it came out for PS4. The reveals of CD3 and Quantum Break had me ready but QB less than stellar and CD3 delayed then releasing subpar. Has done nothing to even pickup as a second console. But yes maybe next gen I’ll get both who knows.

AspiringProGenji532d ago

Sony has earned the loyalty with the quality games they put out.

TheSaint532d ago

I got a 360 first last gen, MS made me get a PS4 first this gen. Nothing to do with fanboyism.

But you go ahead and believe whatever narrative makes you feel better.

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AngelicIceDiamond532d ago

Yeah but jin you see your a fanboy. Wanna know how' Saying things like "MS will never catch up" is bliss of ignorance and fanboy drivel. Lets undermind those studios MS acquired that will be releasing AAA's lets also undermind each generation is different. MS was well like to 7th gen then well hated 8th gen. If MS plays their cards right next gen then good for MS. To my original point all MS has to do is release AAA games that are great with consistency and MS once again is in the conversation. If you find this "impossible" then keep living out your fantasy the real world will hit you hard, you won't like it. You'll probably dig into your bag of excuses.

Mystogan532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Microsoft also has an established VR platform. It's called Windows Mixed Reality.

Yall are quick to forget how Xbox destroyed Playstation last Gen and it took them 10 years to catch up. After completely dominating the previous Gen as well.

Playstation is far from invulnerable like yall like to believe it is.

All it takes is a paradigm shift. The next paradigm shift is going to be cloud gaming and Sony is far behind when it comes to Cloud technology. Before you say bbbutt PSNow streams. PSNow is garbage. It's lastgen cloud tech from the days of OnLive. And it won't be able to compete against the likes of Google Stream, Amazon and xCloud any time soon. They don't have the infrastructure to support it.

Sony will eventually be acquired by Google or Amazon. Mark my words. The next generation is going to be in the cloud and Sony won't be able to compete for long.

Nintendo will still be there because of their unique hardware and their powerful IPs. the Switch style hardware might be their future as its going to support at least one of these streaming services (rumored xCloud will be the first) which will help them gain a powerful grip on the mobile gaming. Market.

Mystogan532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

PSNow is limited at 720p and it struggles even at that limitation. With image quality being destroyed by compression and connectivity bugs due to their limited bandwidth because of their limited infrastructure.



Project Stream

Mystogan532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Also take a look at these companies that don't have the gigantic cloud infrastructure that Google, Amazon and Microsoft have.

Their prices are ridiculous and even then it can take up to 5 days before you can start gaming in the cloud and then some require you to spend some virtual currency to play so you're limited to how long you can play.
This is why Sony can never compete in the cloud. If a lot of people start using PSNow it will go down.

nibblo532d ago

Never is a hell of a long time, hyperbole much?

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PhoenixUp533d ago

“However, let's get one thing straight: Microsoft is most likely going to consider Crackdown 3 a success. Record Game Pass numbers will be boasted about, and player engagement will be off the charts. The hardware manufacturer is on a completely different barometer to Sony. It's all about how many people played the game and how much time they spent in that world rather than raw software sales. But one thing the Aaron Greenberg's of the world can't talk up is the game's critical receiving.”

It’s sad but true. Microsoft will still have to show some pride in this game. They’ll praise it any way except sales and critical appeal as they’ve done with so many of their other games.

HaveSumNuts533d ago

Going to be something like 100 billion hours played on Xbox, won't be surprised they sugar coat that to 60 quintillion minutes. 896 bijillion seconds logged into Xbox Live lol

Abnor_Mal533d ago

Yup, I said as much earlier in another article.

DarXyde533d ago

Like I said before: they are likely not concerned with critical success. Only commercial.

I seriously doubt it'll sell well, but with Game Pass, it's a whole lot of "sure, why not". Xbox has pretty solid revenue, which I'm sure is thanks to Live and Game Pass. If the hype is enough to get people curious enough about Game Pass and with the promotions to try it, I think that will be regarded as a success in Microsoft's book.

THC CELL533d ago

Suger coating it.
And what's worst people fall for it

Power of smoke and mirrors

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FallenAngel1984533d ago

“It's just so bizarre that when an Xbox One exclusive does eventually come along to give die-hards something to shout about, it is almost always of questionable quality once the experience gets out into the wild. Meanwhile, does anyone question whether any of the aforementioned PS4 exclusives will actually meet the level of good or not? I think not. Microsoft might be bolstering the number of studios that make up its first-party, but that doesn't solve the problems it faces when the question of quality takes to the field. When compared to the portfolio that PlayStation can brag about, it's almost like child's play. For this generation at least, Sony didn't even have to try.”

That is why it is so laughable when you see so many websites proclaiming that Microsoft already has next generation in the bag.

17 years in the industry and Microsoft’s first party games as a whole still struggle to find clout.

solideagle533d ago

they did find the "Power of Cloud" :)

KickSpinFilter532d ago

Well last gen with halo, gears I think they did just that. But they have been played out and think XB players (most) want new experiences of a high Caliber

XiNatsuDragnel533d ago

If Sony was Beerus in this example than Microsoft would be Majin Buu (fat)

Abnor_Mal533d ago

Nah MS would be Racoon from the Ginyu force.

XiNatsuDragnel533d ago

Okay even I wouldn't put it that far

SuperSonic91533d ago

The same thing can be said about Nintendo.
Its just the same recycled games and characters again and again.

Hardiman533d ago

This is true and I love Mario, Samus and Link and the NES is where it started for me but Nintendo could really use some new IP's. Also don't just cater to younger gamers, have some studios work on some narrative driven more mature games as well. Their games are fun no doubt but create some new legends of tomorrow!

King_Noctis533d ago

So we are ignoring their new games and the games that have been announced as recent as the last Direct?

Man you either have a short memory or is a troll.

Hardiman533d ago

None of those are on that level! You my friend are the troll! I've been a Nintendo fan for 35 years and they need new IP's on par with their big three!

King_Noctis533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

They have Splatoon, which right now is bigger and is selling more than Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon Switch in Japan. Then they have other big seller in Animal Crossing and Smash as well.

I count 6, not 3. And that not even counting other regular big sellers like Mario Karts. Also, Sonic said Nintendo recycle games, and while that technically is truely, people like you and him tend to forget other new IPs that Nintendo has made as well. Not every games can be as big as Pokemon or Mario you know. But that doesn’t mean those aren’t good games. I don’t think I’m the troll here.

KickSpinFilter532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Ya but the cater to younger players that grow out of it, That’s why Seseame Street has worked for so long without any new episodes, there is always new players. The tail for MS and Sony are much longer from youth al the way up to people in their mid 40’s

ps360owner09532d ago


You are trying to push a false narrative. If you think it's the same recycled games and characters again and again on Nintendo systems then you are not paying enough attention to their new stuff.

Off the top of my head some newer titles/series that have been Published or developed by Nintendo include Xenoblade Chronicles (fantasy jrpg) Xenoblade Chronicles X (Sci fi jrpg), Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Bayonetta 2 and 3, Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water(IP is now Co owned by Nintendo and Koei Tecmo), The Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Astral Chain, Daemon x Machina, Splatoon, The Wonderful 101, etc

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