The PlayStation Vita Started what Nintendo’s Switch Perfected

PlayStation‘s Japanese store recently marked the PS Vita as scheduled for discontinuation (soon), as we all suspected it would. Now seems like the perfect time to remember what it contributed to the transformation of gaming hardware — namely, the co-mingling of handheld and stationary game consoles, a.k.a. Nintendo’s runaway success, the Switch.

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Fluttershy7731d ago

Maybe... I always saw the Vita just as a portable, a better PSP ;the switch is for me a portable console, feels like a whole new concept, is just one Device on your TV and that same device on the go...

Gemmol31d ago

Exactly you got it right this website and the other people are confuse

Switch plays all console games

Vita never did they were downgrades of major games

porkChop31d ago

It would have been nice if the Vita had an HDMI out. It was a good handheld, but Sony made so many dumb decisions around it that really killed the system.

- no HDMI
- overpriced proprietary memory
- piss poor support/barely made any games
- launched with hardly any marketing compared to PS4
- good hardware, but at a price few were willing to pay
- no R2/L2/R3/L3, which made remote play a bit awkward with the front/rear touch

The Switch basically rectified all these issues. While it was $300, the fact that the Switch also docks and plays as a home console made that less of an issue. It's pretty clear that Nintendo looked at what went wrong with the Vita when designing the Switch.

SuperSonic9131d ago

The article should be the "PSP Started What Switch Copied and Ran Away With."

porkChop31d ago

I have to disagree with that. The PSP played entirely custom/unique versions of franchises built just for handheld. It didn't really play console games. The Vita at least played a lot of PS3 and PS4 games, evidenced by the push for cross-buy and cross-save. The same games with the same content, at least for the most part. The Vita was much closer to being a console on-the-go, the PSP was a more traditional handheld.

SuperSonic9131d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I git me a PSP3000 for the sole purpose of playing it on my HD TV.
Never got me one until it had the component cables.
After that it was gaming nirvana.
Because my gripe back then was why did all those great PSP games were not on PS3/big screen.

DwightSchrute0131d ago

If that's the case then it's about time Nintendo copied as Sony has been copying Nintendo ever since the ps1.

King_Noctis31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

If that’s the case, then the PSP exists due to the popularity of the Gameboy too.

Your hate for Nintendo drive you to madness dude.

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EddieNX 31d ago

Can't really compare them. The dock and the detatchable controllers really separate the Switch from anything before it.

The Vita was a nice piece of hardware for the time , but the 3DS which was a worse piece of hardware had 20 times better games therefore was 20 times a better system.

Kribwalker31d ago

I think they mean to say “The Sega Nomad, 20 years ahead of its time, Started what the Vita tried to do that the switch has Perfected.”

porkChop31d ago

Yeah, that's a good point. I think most people don't even remember the Nomad.

Christopher31d ago

Perfected? That battery life and recharging speed doesn't seem all that perfect to me. Vita beat the heck out of the Switch for that. EVen kept a charge for a very long time.

There's a ton of room for improvement on the Switch, it's not perfect.

Kribwalker31d ago

i agree, there’s definitely things that would improve on ii, really no electronics are truly perfected. longer battery life andcharge time would be the worst features on it. The online service leave a lot to be desired too. At least it’s price reflects that it’s not great. More power in dock mode would be great as well. But for what it is, it’s the closest we have been to perfect in this application

Gemmol31d ago

Yep switch perfected

Vita did not play demanding games like the switch so of course the battery last longer

Vita also use a smaller battery than the switch so it charge faster

Vita also use OLED which use less power, the Switch IPS which takes more power it’s what Apple used in the past before switching to OLED

So yes switch perfected it, we can finally play real console games on the go

King_Noctis31d ago

The Vita doesn’t play AAA games like the Switch does. Plus, it also does not have a big 720 screen.

So its fair to say the Vita didn’t beat in the battery department.

Christopher30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

The Vita when it was released had better battery life than smart phones for playing games. The Switch when released was worse than smart phones with higher resolutions and screen quality as well as tablets.

And asking the Vita to play 720p games in 2011 when that's what home consoles were doing is like asking the Switch to play 1080p.

You guys can't ignore time of release and the state of technology as reasons why something exists now but not then. The Switch compared to tablets that play 1080p games when released is pathetic in comparison on multiple levels (wifi quality, online capabilities, battery life, charging speed, screen quality, resolution/PPI).

Stop ignoring its flaws, the only people that's good for is Nintendo.

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Masterchief_thegoat31d ago

no god of war
No gta
No great third party games
No l2,r2 LS,RS
Over price memory card
No third party charger/ memory card

Tross31d ago

Persona 4 Golden, Soul Sacrifice (and its sequel Delta), Toukiden (and its sequel Kiwami) Freedom Wars and Corpse Party Blood Drive aren't great third party games? I'll give you most other points, and even say that its lineup could have been far better, but there weren't zero great third party games. First party was nearly non-existent and dried up before very long, but it was third party that carried the system to cult status.

Granted, much of that consisted of multiplats which were often better elsewhere, and you pretty much had to be fond of Japanese and/or indie games, but games did exist. It also helped that the system has access to the majority of the PSP's digital backlog, but I guess you could argue that's resting on another system's merits.

tehpees331d ago

There are great third party games on Vita but you can't deny the ones on Switch are better. Vita has that terribly shoddy port of Revelations 2 while Switch's looks far superior. Liberation is now coming to Switch with AC 3. Call Of Duty was a train wreck.

Tross30d ago

@tehpees3, I’ll concede that, but that’s not what Masterchief_thegoat said. He said there are no good third party games on the Vita which is a blatant falsehood. My post was in response to that.

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