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CGM: "Despite its myriad of issues, I still enjoyed the fun gameplay of Anthem and plan to revisit the game after it has developed a larger suite of content and events for me to experience."

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BootHammer30d ago

Looks like a mixed bag with some people enjoying it and others turned off from it pretty quickly.

maybelovehate30d ago

All looter games take time to build up. Just have to have a good enough hook at start to keep people interested. I hope Anthem does, the gameplay is fun just needs more to do.


The problem being, it shouldn't need time to "build up". That's becoming an increasing issue with fans of these types of games. I don't mind looters, but when I pay $60, I expect a complete package from the beginning. Why is that so difficult to do? I mean, the companies funding this make billions in revenue a year from ripping people off, and gamers still buy it... it's insanity!!! Fortunately, I'm skipping this release, I've skipped a lot of releases in these last few years.

maybelovehate29d ago

Sadly, creating things takes time. They can't just magically snap their fingers and have all these cool assets that work with all the code.


@maybelovehate With that logic, if you order a pepperoni pizza for delivery, should you have to wait a week for the cheese to get delivered?

maybelovehate29d ago

Are you really comparing millions of lines of code all working together to a pizza hehe

PapaBop29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Half the problem here though is that they've been working on this for six years, in that time a good number of looter games have came and gone yet the game has the exact same problems that plagued them. The Division for example released three years ago and the take away from that game was that it had interesting gameplay yet with the endgame being poorly realised, it cost the game the majority of it's install base and while it got fixed over time, many of those who played the game initially never came back to experience the positive changes made. Ubi learning from their lessons appear to be fixing that on day one for Division 2 and I honestly think that could be the difference in the inevitable comparisons between Division 2 and Anthem next month.

It's beggar's believe that Anthem would also suffer from the same problems though. Six years they've had to get it right, there is no excuse for the state of the endgame and "well it'll be fixed down the line" potentially isn't good enough if they lose a lot of their fanbase before they implement these changes.

maybelovehate29d ago

You make a good point about the Division. Decent gameplay with a horrible EndGame. Let's see what Bioware does though first. They have a much better base than Division did at launch in my opinion.