Shadow of the Tomb Raider Has Shipped Just Over 4 Million Units

Shadow of the Tomb Raider managed to ship approximately 4.12 million units by the end of December 2018, according to comments made by the president of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, earlier this month.

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SuperSonic9130d ago

I think that is decent sales.

Sciurus_vulgaris29d ago

Keep in Shadow of The Tomb Raider had a development budget that was pretty steep (75-100 Million Canadian Dollars + 35 million marketing). The sales are decent but the game might not have broken even yet.

Budget Source:

SuperSonic9129d ago

Thanks. I appreciate the info.

Sevir29d ago

That's just over 100 million USD.
At (call it) $65 after tax, selling 4 million units, they'd have made 260 million. Square has said time and time again that their Games haven't sold well. They said the same thing when the first game in the reboot and Hitman games both sold in excess of 3 million units.

Perhaps the conversation rate from Canadian dollars to Yen offset profit for square. But maybe they need to downsize scope of their projects and shorten development times and cut budgets. Because they seem to over estimate their games every quarter. I hope KH3 has made them profitable. It's sold 5.7 million units, development started in 2012, and was overhauled and delayed due to a switch in development engineer. Working with Disney and A list voice actors from Hollywood and the music industry couldn't have come cheap.

elazz29d ago


Do you really believe the average price was 65USD? Maybe for the first 1.5m copies but after that it is more like 45USD or maybe even lower.

Also you have to subtract the tax, distribution costs, retail cut and platform cut

So let's put the average price at 50USD once vat is paid just for easy calculation.

Platform royalty is 7 dollars
Retail margin is around 12 dollars
Distribution cost will be 3 dollars

So they keep 28USD already for each copy sold at retail. For digital copies they keep around 38USD because of no retail margin/distribution but higher royalties.

56m earned in retail if half were retail sales
76m earned in digital if half were digital sales

Total revenue for Square is around 132m dollars.

If we then remove the development costs of 100m USD their gross earnings would 32m for this game alone (not including costs of square operating but this is an okay start but earnings won't be that much higher with the game being around 20usd now)

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Italiano123456729d ago

4 million shipped not sold is not a good figure for a multiplatform big budget triple A title

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PhoenixUp29d ago

That means Shadow of the Tomb Raider quickly outsold Dragon Quest XI.

Imortus_san29d ago

It already outsold many games good, the problem is the other two games sold much much more.

GameBoyColor29d ago

And they were disappointed in the sales of the other 2 games. They did not break even yet with this title. I bet they are probably very unhappy with the series.

Imortus_san29d ago

I guess you just have no ideia about the sales numbers have you!!
The first reboot has sold more than 11 million copies, and Rise sold more then 7 million, if they are "disappointed" with the sales then they are on crack.

GameBoyColor28d ago

I guess they are on crack then cuz thats exactly what they said lmao

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