Just Cause 4 performed below expectations; "we sold fewer units on launch than we had anticipated"

DSOGaming writes: "During its latest financial results briefing session, Square Enix revealed that Just Cause 4 performed below expectations and that it sold fewer units than what Square Enix had anticipated. Given the state of the game we are not really shocked by this news, though we don’t know whether this is the final nail in the Just Cause series coffin."

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shinoff218330d ago

Its just not a good game. I was never into this series.

SegaGamer29d ago

I got bored after the 2nd one. It was just the same thing on repeat, it got boring.

neutralgamer199229d ago

What did you expect? You guys are the kings of making average games. Since JC2 very little has changed

sander970229d ago

I actually enjoy Just Cause 4 and I still play it. It feels a bit like a Pandemic game would but not as good.

GTgamer29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

After you burned me with JC3 game which was unplayable with that terrible framerate so I damn sure wasn't gonna buy JC4.

Father__Merrin29d ago

just cause 3 frame rate was terrible indeed. in base ps4 and xbox some places were extremly bad even when i had it on the pro it was same. when i got it on pc omg ive never had a game before where ive had to mess with graphics settings so much i ended up using a trainer to blow through the game quickly to see what it had then uninstall

DerekTweed28d ago

Just Cause 4 has no frame rate issues at all buuuuttt.... It looks like shit

GTgamer28d ago

good to know they waited til the next game to fix the damn frame rate


It was bland rinse and repeat as usual. But with what felt like less things to destroy

MajorLazer29d ago

The destruction seems so superficial too. I'd love a JC with a smaller map but way better destruction and a lived in world that doesn't seem so empty and lifeless.

DerekTweed28d ago

If I remember correctly, you needed to complete the locations in just cause 3 by blowing up all the things, like a check list.

In just cause 4 the only reason to blow stuff up was to increase the chaos meter. I think some stuff even respawned after a while.

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The story is too old to be commented.