Here's your proof: PSP-3000 interlacing scanline features are really hardware-based

The guys at French site Logic-Sunrise have investigated the PSP-3000's "scanline feature" by literally putting it under a microscope. They got some interesting results.

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kenjix4269d ago

Hmmmm seems rather useless, not sure when was the last time i played my psp 3000 uner a microscope. How about putting up a video showing the issue. So far i see 400% zoomed up still shots or we have here a Microscopic look at the issue.

If it's such a big issue why can't we get a video that runs at normal speed showing how aparent it is?

I guess if you play your PSP at microscopic levels or a 1 frame per second at 400% zoom it might get annoying.

dale14269d ago

lol a microscope thats taking the piss

jaffa_cake4269d ago

hmm yesss

think hdtv's you got I and P
its just the way a feed is threaded to the system. interlacing is fine but does not give you the same quailty as P progessive imagaing

Pain4269d ago

its a good thing for the Older TV folk, i think?

halloween bubbles~oOooO00oOo

LokedOut4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Wow, this makes me worry about getting a PSP. Oh well, plenty of other games on other systems to get while they figure this one out.

Tarasque4269d ago

This is outlandish, is this posted by Cnet or did MS pay somebody off.

ReBurn4269d ago

Does everything have to be a Microsoft conspiracy?

kewlkat0074269d ago

and you know how perfect sony is and you shouldn't have a negative opinion.

Tarasque4269d ago

Well surely you could sense the sarcasm, being that anything bad posted about sony is cause of MS paid somebody off or MS paid sites posted it *rolleyes*.

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