Battle Royale, Here To Stay Or Just a Fad

The battle royale genre has blown up over the last year but will the success train come to a halt?   Some still think this is just a fad, but the numbers don’t lie.

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UltraNova27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Oversaturation will be BR's undoing simply because the setting and game play variation is so limited, while the market is flooded by clones(good and bad) all competing for our limited play time. I'm giving this BR craze 18 months tops before it dies down and its survived only by a small loyal crowd.

ravinash27d ago

Is that 18 months from now or 18 month from when it started.

PUBG has already been out 18 months and fortnite isn't to far behind it.

UltraNova27d ago

From now...

Disclaimer: thats a personal prediction of mine...


eventually it will just be another add on for every MP game just like capture the flag or team deathmatch. don't get me wrong I really do enjoy BR but you are right that its going to be come over-saturated. Well hell it pretty much already is

rainslacker27d ago

I'd probably take your prediction more seriously if I hadn't seen people calling for it's demise before Fortnite even released.

It won't go away, but it's more likely to just become another MP mode in bigger MP portions of games. The stand alone BR game probably isn't going to stick around forever, although Fortnite is big enough now to have staying power for quite a while.

People really seem to have an unhealthy hate for the genre, which really doesn't seem to be based on anything other than the fact that its popular, and people like to hate on popular things.

Sw33tBoi26d ago

I think your prediction needs more details. What is a "small loyal crowd" because if Fortnite has just 10% of it's userbase left in 18 months that's still a big community by all available standards.

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brianunfried27d ago

The only Battle Royale game that interests me is "Fractured Lands", but it's only on PC right now.

Veneno27d ago

Free games will never go out of style.

isarai27d ago

Here to stay, i think we're over saturated with standalone BR games yes, but the game mode itself i think will just be assimilated into the traditional MP game mode library. We'll just see it in MP modes/games alongside other things like team deathmatch, CTF, king of the hill etc.