What the hell happened at Activision Blizzard?

12 months of record-setting financial performance + 800 people laid off = one terrible week.

The sad truth is that the die was cast at Activision Blizzard months, if not years, before these layoffs were first hinted. What makes this so exceptionally painful is that there is an understandable mental link between layoffs and poor financial performance. It’s nigh impossible to rationalize or justify 800 people being shown the door as a company reports record sales.

Poor planning, a failure to adapt to current market conditions and consumer desires, and too much investment in trends (like toys to life games) has left Activision Blizzard in a place where it needs to make drastic cuts. That’s a thin blanket against the cold reality that executive pay is broken and now hundreds of people are out of work.

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Gamist2dot026d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Like the mobile gaming industry, I think these companies live and breathe through investors; huge amounts invested in one year, following year or so they back out. It's a shame and unfortunate for the people without a job. I knew some friends who bragged on social media about their pride working for mobile gaming companies and they were paid and compensated well with their weekend company get-away trips and parties. The following year? All looking for jobs, and they don't work for the same company. I was tempted to jump on board due to the tempting pay rate. Glad I didn't.

Bleucrunch26d ago

That many people being fired is definitely a referendum on the company which shows poor management. Senior management is not held responsible but the lower level folks get the short end of the stick. Bad management seems to be common at Activision.