Paradox Interactive Says It's Not Ditching Steam

From GameWatcher: "Paradox Interactive has just announced that they're not going to be drawn into releasing their games as exclusives for whichever digital game distributor makes an offer. This information has come to light as part of the company's year-end report for 2018, making it both timely and relevant.

Paradox will keep releasing games on Steam, then, which is important news for fans of a certain long-awaited medieval RPG, as well as for all those who'd like to keep getting new Paradox niche releases via Valve's gaming marketplace."

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InTheZoneAC26d ago

the rates steam charges publishers is basically what ebay does to sellers, they keep going up because there isn't a better option. The sooner these companies fall a little maybe they'll be great for everyone, until then let people jump ship until they correct their mistakes.