Bethesda Bans Fallout 76 Player With More Than 900 Hrs Playtime For Having Too Much Ammo

Bethesda apparently has banned a legitimate Fallout 76 player who spent more than 900 hours in the game to farm rare materials, ammo, and other in-game loot. They banned the account for having too much ammo according to the ban report shared by the player.

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MisterLou28d ago

7.8/10 Too Much Ammo - Bethesda

fiveby928d ago

I think the ban was for knowingly exploiting a bug in the game not specifically for acquiring ammo through normal gameplay. But still, Bethesda should not be banning someone for an exploit their programmers and QA group let be released. A bit heavy-handed if you ask me.

bouzebbal27d ago

Lol 900hours??? Don't think I played third of that all PS4 games combined.
Di** move from Bethesda.. Players should really stand up against this.

Gaming10127d ago

Yep, 900 hours of the craptastic Fallout 76.
And guess what ladies, he's single!

Gamingsince198128d ago

Banning him from the game was more of a mercy really, how any one can spend 9 hours on that game let alone 900 is beyond my understanding.

RizBiz27d ago

I imagine 90% of that time was spent idling. Or maybe it's like UPlay on Steam, where even if you exit a game it keeps logging hours. I tried to refund a Ubisoft game once and they denied my claim because UPlay logged 10 hours of play, even though I was only actually in the game for around 30 minutes.

dumahim28d ago

They did this man a favor.

Redrex700028d ago

so true
who the fuk
play this game for that long

Evolve28d ago

They spent less than this time developing the game

rainslacker28d ago

Wonder who the other guy is going to play against now.:(

Daeloki27d ago

Yeah they're banning the few people who are actually playing, all games have exploits at one point or another. They should just focus on fixing the exploit instead of shooting themselves in whatever remains of their legs

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ElementX29d ago

They should be banned for putting in so much time into that game

Psychotica28d ago

or any game for that matter. 900 hours is ridiculous.

JackBNimble28d ago

I have put more time then that into Ark

AdmGenAladeen28d ago

I got 820 in Bloodborne. It's pretty sad lol.

notachance28d ago

it's normal for longterm games though, like cs:go, lol, dota2, minecraft

I myself have 5000+ hours on dota2, probably 10k+ if you count warcraft 3 mod dota

NarooN28d ago

I have almost 4,000 hours in Audiosurf. Sure, that's over a period of like 10 years, but still. If you enjoy a game you aren't obligated to cut yourself off for some silly arbitrary reason lol.

That being said, 900 hours in Fallout 76 is a red flag I'd say lol

Michiel198928d ago

Id put way more hours than that into Guild Wars 1 and old school wow, would happily do it again.


I’ve put way more than that into Final Fantasy 11. Like 8 -10 years worth

Segata28d ago

I have 800 in Xenoblade X

dragon_rocks28d ago

*Slowly backs out of the room avoiding any eye contact with 997 hours in Monster Hunter World*

KwietStorm28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Its completely normal for games that are consistently supported and updated over a number of years. I have 3000 hours in Warframe.

Necr0philiac28d ago

900 hours is ridiculous for how long the game has been out. Ive put 900+ hours into a lot of games. I just seen that i have over 1000 on Rocket League but that is over years not months

kevinsheeks28d ago

smh i have 900+ in rainbow six siege . . i did shock myself with that but i do enjoy playing it . . . i like to think im active though lol >.> just enjoy muh games is all

RizBiz27d ago

@JackBNimble You're really generous! Not only did you pay for an ALPHA test instead of getting paid like you should be, but you gave the devs over 900 hours of bug testing.

MrVux00027d ago (Edited 27d ago )

"900 hours is ridiculous."

If you think 900 h is

I remember reaching well over 1500 hours in WoW (while the game was still good)... the most recent games i have invested quite some time into are RDR 2 (474 hours) and GOW (233 hours).

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EazyC28d ago

I know, I guess 'one man's trash' etc

lelo2play28d ago

Sad to say, but I have a lot of hours in Football Manager.
Don't know if it's 900.... but it's a lot.

nommers28d ago

Pfft, y’all have some really short times. I put in 350,000 hours into that real life simulator that was all the rage 50 years ago.

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2pacalypsenow28d ago

To be fair, he was banned for exploiting a glitch.

So it’s not just for “Having too much ammo”.

UltraNova28d ago

A glitch is the devs fault, so instead of banning him they should have stripped that player from all assets gained through that exploit and a last strike warning. But Bethesda is not one to make ahem...the right choices these days.

ziggurcat28d ago

while that may be, the onus is still on the user to not exploit those bugs to gain an unfair advantage in an online title. there would also be no way to determine how much ammo he would have attained through the exploit. he's also being disingenuous by saying he was banned for simply having too much ammo.

UltraNova28d ago

Agreed. But if its just a cut and dry case of a glitch exploit then banning that guy was too harsh.

DJStotty28d ago

No Ultra, knowingly exploiting or glitching any game, you get whatever the developers seem justifiable.

I knowingly exploited another game, and rightly got banned for 2 weeks.

UltraNova28d ago


What? Why does it have to be the "death penalty", why so harsh? The glitch exploit is the dev's fault! So with that in mind they should have punished the guy proportionally.

Palitera28d ago

The devs made the player abuse the glitch? Wow, some powerful devs out there.

2pacalypsenow28d ago

If it's in the TOS, he violated that agreement.

They also banned him until that glitch it patched, its not a permaban.

Cobra95128d ago

Anything a game lets you do is fair. If the devs don't like how their game behaves, they need to change it, not blame the user for what they did.

DuckOnQuack3528d ago

I've quit many games because people were using exploits like crazy and it ended up ruining the game economy and game play because people suck and can't play the game how it's meant to be played. I mean think about it do you think that devs have all the time in the world to check every single little thing to make sure there are no bugs? It's hard and plus most devs have so much pressure from publishers. I think a ban will make it so more people won't do it.

MMOBytes28d ago

Not even that, just take the ammo. If the devs cannot support their game then that is on them not the players looking for [email protected]#$ to do. This sounds alot like division 1 baloney.

rainslacker28d ago

Personally, if a glitch exists, and people use it, then that's on the devs, not the player. Fix the glitch, and call it a day. Reset people's ammo if you need to, or some other relevant action, but don't ban them because you didn't do proper QA, or fix something quick enough. That's just punishing the customer.

It's the nature of online games, especially big ones, that when you have lots of people playing, they're going to find ways to exploit those things. But it's just wrong to ban people because of it.

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Baza28d ago

So what, Bethesda should fix their crappy broken game

2pacalypsenow28d ago

Yeah go luck with that.

That's like robbing a bank and saying, well maybe if they fixed their security, I wouldn't have robbed them.

rainslacker28d ago

Skyrim is still a glitch fest after a decade and multiple re-releases, not sure if Bethesda even understands what optimization of fixing is.

yellowgerbil28d ago

"Go anywhere, do anything" another Todd Howard lie

NSANiTY28d ago

What I'm wondering is if he did actually use an exploit. Doesn't appear that they did. The letter seems to say that they think he did, but Only because of the amount of items he aquired in 30 days. But the article says that the reason they got that much ammo in 30 days is because he traded over 100,000 ammo with a secondary account.

The person being banned never said they exploited the game, just that they played so many hours they aquired piles of ammo. Might be Bethesda in the wrong here.

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froy40228d ago

The ban was a blessing on his soul.

INMATEofARKHAM28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

While I agree with the thought, it was honestly my first, this guy obviously found fun in the game and he shouldn't have lost his account if everything was on the up and up. That said he exploited a glitch so he's at their mercy.

notachance28d ago

it's an act of mercy on bethesda's side