Resident Evil 2 is Great, But Where's My Silent Hill 2 Remake?

HorrorGeekLife: “Revisiting Resident Evil 2 with Capcom's remake has been great, but what I’m really ready for now is a modern update for Silent Hill 2.”

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HeisenbergX30d ago

Konami is a steaming pile of shit company there's your answer.

But ohh god if they would do this they would almost redeem themselves .. almost

mixelon30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Moreso than RE2, most of the limitations in SH2 add to the game.

I don’t actually see a remake being any better. Just run the PC version with the texture mods and fixes. Any attempt to redo voices etc is going to detract from the surreal wonkiness of it all, like it did with the HD remasters for 360/PS3..

We need new SHs, and rereleases for new systems, I don’t want to see it reimagined. SH2 is still an absolute masterpiece.

strayanalog30d ago

Not going to happen. Konami are more focused on mobile gaming than console games.

jaycptza30d ago

you could have forgone the RE2 bit

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