Is the Remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Worth the Full Price $60?

There’s some chatter doing the rounds on the interwebs regarding the potential pricing of the upcoming Switch remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Retailer pre-order listings are putting it as a full $60 release, and while there’s no official confirmation at this stage, people are wondering if it’ll be substantial enough to justify that sort of price tag.

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mamotte29d ago

Like Resident Evil 2? It's just prettier graphics and some new mechanics. Resident Evil 2 is even shorter to finish than the original Link's Awakening. What's the difference, then?

CrimsonWing6929d ago

different types of games. Uncharted 4 is shorter than Links Awakening but I still see that being a $60 game. The length argument doesn't stand because you could play Tetris for hours upon hours, but that wouldn't feel like a $60 game to me.

mamotte29d ago

So, what are the requirements for a game to be $60? Good story? Good gameplay? Great characters? I mean, Link's Awakening has all of those. Or are putting a price tag on graphics so we can all feel "mature"?

AnthonyDavis29d ago

You don’t know how games work if you think RE2 is just prettier graphics and some new mechanics. RE2 is basically a completely new game apart from story and characters.

LEGO Zelda is more of the same.

wonderfulmonkeyman29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Neither does the production value argument, though, because spending more on making a game doesn't mean the game is great.
Not pointing fingers at Resi 2 remake, because it is great, but there have been plenty of flops despite high production values in the past.

A game that doesn't take tons to make can still be priced at full price, if enough of it is new assets and the game itself is high-quality enough.

This remake is just as much worth full price as Resi 2.
Especially considering how many more people never got to play it, compared to the various re-releases of the original Resi 2, and can now experience it alongside their parents with any changes this new one will have.

PhoenixUp29d ago

RE2 has far higher production values than this Zelda remake

mamotte29d ago

Yeah, because you already played the game.

PhoenixUp29d ago

You really think this top down game can have as high production value as RE2 REmake?

LegoIsAwesome29d ago

This zelda remake looks more of a remaster to me. If they're remaking a zelda game why not make it like botw, instead its the same exact game with updated graphics.
In RE2 you could see that the game was completely remade from its perspective, controls, story etc etc

--Onilink--29d ago

how is this possibly a remaster? its a GameBoy/Gameboy color game, there isnt a single asset that could possibly be reused in order to call it a remaster

wonderfulmonkeyman29d ago

This doesn't look like a remaster; all of these assets were remade for the game.

LG_Fox_Brazil29d ago

Look, Link's Awakening was my first Game Boy game. It was sweet and looking back I must say, yes, it was a short Zelda adventure. But this is a full remake and let's be frank, when Big N remakes a game (and that's rare) they always make pretty big changes to these games, they step up their game. So let's wait and see what happens, but if I had to take a guess, I would say: yes, it will probably be worth of the price they ask.

TacoTaco29d ago

Wind Waker HD had a lot of the tedium from the final section of the game stripped out and had a boost to sailing speed (or something similar, maybe wind direction?) that made it a ton more fun to play than its original Gamecube version.

People love finding something to whine over. It's Nintendo; those same people were probably the ones crying "Switch will flop at $299 it's underpowered" and... well, the past 23 months speak volumes to that.

Jackhass29d ago

Depends on if it has a Master Quest/remix mode -- if it's just a straight remake, then I'd say a slight discount is in order. I'll buy it either way though.

G3ng4r29d ago

Pretty much this. We don't know what additional content will be packed in there, we can only be sure it will be.

Uken1229d ago

OG Links Awakening was hard. (The green version) You die a lot in that game. I hope they keep it that hard. It's got great music and character. If they fully redo the music (Which seems that they are) add a master quest and maybe a dungeon or 2. Maybe there will be a 4 swords thing. That would be cool. Maybe online as well.

But it looks great. I think $50 is a more fair price. But Link's Awakening is a great game, so I'm probably go to shell out the money regardless.

CrimsonWing6929d ago


It's hard to justify a price because of perceived value. For some, absolutely it's worth it, but for others maybe not. This was the first Zelda game I actually could understand how to play and beat so there's a lot of nostalgia behind it and if they add a whole bunch of new content I absolutely would find the $60 justified.

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