PS Vita Will Be Discontinued Soon in Japan

While the PS Vita has long gone the way of the dodo in the west, it continued soldiering on the Japanese shelves until now. Yet, this will change soon.

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Spurg31d ago

Such potential..the only game I saw to the end was Persona 4 golden which was a game I had already played before.
The support for this device was...downright horrible.

AnthonyDavis31d ago

Good news. Vita was dead about 4 years ago. Sony should focus on other things.

Knushwood Butt31d ago

Just got Catherine for Vita on cart yesterday.

Just as well I have reading glasses as some of the text is tiny.

Other than that, looks and sounds great. Still getting my head around the puzzle sections.

Imortus_san31d ago

Thank Sony for droping the support the moment PS4 landed.

assassin2k31d ago

RIP. Still have and love mine. Just wish that beautiful OLED had been a little bigger. The Switch hit the sweet spot size wise IMO.

Maybay31d ago

I'm a huge fan of the Psp. The Vita just wasn't for me.

capjacksparrow31d ago

I'm the exact opposite. I loved my Vita, only really used my PSP for the two GoW games.

Eidolon31d ago

Um, no. I think he means the PSP did way better in terms of exclusives and support. If Vita did the same, it would have fared well.

Elda31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Once Sony stop supporting the Vita my Vita basically collected dust. Bye Bye!! My Pro has been the better option for me.

Eidolon31d ago

I still purchases/download(PS+ free) Vita games to my Vita and play them. Some games just are better for mobile. I would LOVE a new Vita with upgraded hardware to support more performance demanding indies.

Elda31d ago

I hear you but I'll always continue to buy & support PS home gaming consoles but I won't buy another handheld from Sony seeing they stop supporting the Vita early in it's lifecycle.

Eidolon31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I'm the opposite, wouldn't mind just newer hardware and leaving exclusives to developers/studios just as it pretty much is now. I like portability.. why would you want them to create a game that is ONLY for handheld when it can be easily done on a home console? Well for sales, only. But, It's just not going to happen with Sony, sadly, they had one big handheld, late in the game and it did very well, but I think they took it too far with the Vita. I think the hype is what killed it, as well as the storage. They had a few great years, and then it just dropped off the map after the PS4 came out.
I think it's too underpowered right now to be supported anymore, severely limited developers for the current gen. If it got upgraded to current smartphone level performance/tdp it'd be ready for PS4 type support no problem as was Vita compared to PS3.

RosweeSon31d ago

Agreed still keep my Vita for ps1 classics and gotta finish metal gear 2 again and finally play through 3 might try platinum god of war 2 also but yeah majority of the big hitting franchises skipped Vita even god of war and metal gear sure they had collections of ports from the ps2/3 games but PSP has peace Walker 2 god of war games gta exclusives Tony hawks so many of the big franchises skipped Vita where was Gran turismo

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The story is too old to be commented.