Silent Hill: Downpour Made You the Monster

The terror gamers feel in Silent Hill isn’t just because the character’s confront scary monsters, but rather how their fights reflect their mental anguish. It gives us a glimpse into each character’s skewed reality and makes us think about our own personal struggles. Everyone has a bogeyman. It’s just hard to accept when it’s yourself.

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Donnie8129d ago

Very underrated game. Feels like old school silent hill.

ZaWarudo28d ago

The Ribbons sidequest was absolutely heart wrenching.

Donnie8128d ago

I agree pretty messed up. That would be a heartless thing to do

AK9128d ago

Eh I don’t know Kotaku you guys are far worse than any video game character/villain I know.

Uglyday28d ago

I’d rather be alone with Pyramid Head than any Kotaku employees

PhoenixUp28d ago

What's scarier? Running from a monster or the fear of losing your mind?

The_Sage28d ago

Well written article. Careful though... Spoilers abound.

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