G4: Obama And Palin Coming to Mercenaries 2 As Playable Characters

From G4: "Turns out that the rumors were true! Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are indeed coming to Mercenaries 2: World in Flames as playable characters in an upcoming update.

X-Play landed the exclusive story and snagged some extra footage for us. We just had to set it to Hail to the Chief.

Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb revealed the news just moments ago on X-Play in the Gaming Update.

Tom Stratton of Pandemic Studios gave the following statement to X-Play:

"Mercenaries 2 is a game seemingly ripped straight out of today's headlines and fueled with the same type of over-the-top action found in the best summer blockbuster films. It only makes sense we inject the game with a spin on current affairs. The timing was too good to let pass."

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Foxx773973d ago

There's no way this is real... is it?

SullyDrake3973d ago

Oh my god, this has sealed the deal! I need to get Mercenaries 2!

Hydrolex3973d ago

look at obama jumping on the tank ahaha !

RememberThe3573973d ago

I love how they both look like they fit perfectly into the game. We got ourselves some Mercenary candidates!

AntoineDcoolette3973d ago

When I played the demo for M2 it felt completely uninspiring, but if I can burn Venezuela as Palin or Obama... damn I just might compromise my position of this being a crappy game and buy it O_o

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skynidas3973d ago

LMAO....this guys will get in trouble

Dakinggamer873973d ago

thats awesome looks like im gonna be revisiting Mercs 2 so I can play as Barack Obama...

Parapraxis3973d ago

LOL @ Palin instead of McCain.

ASSASSYN 36o3973d ago

McCain is old and would die in the game by simply running around the map.

Parapraxis3973d ago

lol, ASSASSYN 36o your words are so magical.
Very funny bro =)

chrisnick3973d ago

except.....i already knew obama could hijack tanks.......saw him do it once........true story.

AntoineDcoolette3973d ago

You know Obama's fighting strategy throughout the entire game will be starving the enemy to death at a negotiating table

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The story is too old to be commented.