PlayStation Now still isn't good enough

PlayStation Now is still hard to recommend in 2019.
Sony launched its subscription plans for PlayStation Now, a service that lets you download and stream games from an ever-growing library, on January 13th, 2015. Since then, a lot has changed.

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CaptainCook29d ago

Same. PS Now streaming is still limited to 720p in 2019, while Google and Microsoft will go above and beyond that with improved latency.

S2Killinit29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

But thats not just PSNow. Gamepass is also not immune from the resolution effect. Also, you can download the games anyway. Currently PSNow is the “better” netflix game service compared to gamepass. Its not perfect and neither is gamepass. PSNow has a much larger library, and it does everything gamepass does except for day one releases.

I thought the article was being very critical while also using strangely positive adjectives whenever refering to anything gamepass related, while downplaying the strenghts of PSNow. For example, if author is comparing them, then howcome he only mentions gamepass when gamepass has an advantage? Why not also mention gamepass when PSNow has the advantage? Yeah, I dont agree with the article.

NarutoFox29d ago

Ummm I'm sure the PS5 will go above and beyond that will improve latency and playstation Now

Ulf28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


The PS5 will not improve the infrastructure of Sony's online services. It's not the PS4 that's the problem here -- it's perfectly capable of streaming 1080p.. if it had the service bandwidth to do so.


As I stated above, this is a Sony problem, and thus Microsoft and Google have them beat by a wide margin, just because they already have the infrastructure to support huge amounts of gaming bandwidth. Sony doesn't, and that's not going to change anytime soon.

Mr_Writer8528d ago (Edited 28d ago )


"Currently PSNow is the “better” netflix game service compared to gamepass. Its not perfect and neither is gamepass. PSNow has a much larger library, and it does everything gamepass does except for day one releases."

Sorry but I'm not having that. Game pass is much more value than Now imo.

- ALL games are downloadable
- Nearly all the console exclusives are on the service.
- A decent number of OG Xbox and 360 games also on the service.
- Much more value for money price wise.
- More readily available in more countries.

Now is a cool idea, but it's not ready yet, Sony know this, but they also know that streaming will be the future.

PSNow is them simply getting ready for that future. It's not as awful as this article makes out. But it's not as good as gamepass.

Tbf the value of GP is so good I bought an Xbox 1. And I bet a fair chunk of X1 sales since GP was released have been for the same reason.

I doubt many (if any) of the PS4 sales have been so people can use PSNow.

@Apocalypse Shadow

Plus games are not free. If I cancel my sub they get locked. Until I pay again. That's not what the word free means.

What it does do, is gives you access to two games a month as part of your subscription at no additional cost.

But they're not free.


"Defenders of PS Now can spin it anyway they like the bottom line is that PS Now has not been successful for Sony. No one even talks about it. I even forgot it was a thing. It's so not on anyone's radar."

Well according to Sony, Now makes profit, so in that sense it is a success. It may not be used my millions but Sony are not focused on it yet.

It also made more profit than EA Access and Game Pass combined.

mkis00728d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It happens to be out NOW! Google and xcloud are the time they are out psnow will have an upgrade. They didnt buy Gaikai without a plan.

Rumors are that sony is massively upgrading their network in preparation for ps5.

SquillieDeeWilliams28d ago

@S2killinit, Gamepass does not suffer any resolution downgrade on any games...

opc28d ago

Google may not be out now, but they did have a very successful beta, and they do have the most users, and the most devices in homes, and they are announcing more info regarding project stream in a month.

Christopher28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Well, yeah, last generation games are going to be 720p as long as they're not upgraded, which only a handful of BC games are on Game Pass. I prefer XBO BC, but I'm not mystically playing Saints Row The Third at 4k or 1080p either.

That's almost the entirety of the service. Those few downgraded don't really change that reality as people using the service are doing so for convenience and not best quality. Otherwise they would just get a gaming laptop and buy games for cheap on Steam/GOG.

Edit: I think people are still thinking PS Now and Game Pass are aimed at the same audience. They're not.

r2oB28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@ Mrwriter

- As per Microsoft's webpage Gamepass gives unlimited download access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. As per Sony's webpage PSNow gives you unlimited download access to over 250 PS4 games alone. So even if Gamepass allows you to download ALL the games as you put it, it's still far less than what you are able to download off PSNow. So that's an advantage for PSNow.

- Nearly all the console exclusives are available on Gamepass and I believe they are all day one, but the quality of most of their exclusives are questionable other than Halo, Gears, Forza (Yawn). PSNow has over 120 PlayStation exclusives, way more AAA retail games available, way more games in general, and higher rated games (go ahead and check Gamepass' list if you don't believe me). PSnow has the advantage.

- Gamepass has Xbox 360 and OG Xbox games. PSNow has PS3 and PS2 games. With a larger library of past gen games, PSNow has the advantage.

- Gamepass is $9.99/month. If you want to consider the service good and be sustainable as a primary gaming option, a year's worth of Gamepass is $120 (I couldn't find a different subscription option from Microsoft). PSNow is $100 for a year. So the price advantage goes to PSNow. Unless you want to try Gamepass every now and then, which you could for the monthly sub for less, but doing this is admitting the service isn't worth having as a subscription service. I mean if it's worth its asking price then you will continue to subscribe, which puts it at a higher cost than PSnow.

- I'm not really sure about availability in countries, but please link me to that information.

- PSNow streams in 720p, I honestly couldn't find Gamepass streaming quality on their site (other than HD streaming, which could mean 720p or 1080p). Please link me to where Microsoft advertises Gamepass as 1080p streaming.

About the only advantage Gamepass will have is when xcloud is released and you can stream on mobile devices. But Personally I would take more games (PSNow) over more devices (Gamepass). To each his own I guess.

EDIT: Subjectively you can think Gamepass is better, that's your right. But objectively, if you feel it's better you are delusional. Anyone who thinks Gamepass has paved the way for "Netflix" gaming is delusional.

Please feel free to dispute my points with facts. Thanks.

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Apocalypse Shadow29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Of course you would. This article is ridiculous. Just read it after it popped up on my Google feed.

Complains about 700+ games that aren't the latest release on the market.

Complains that there are 4 F1 games out of over 700 games to chooses from.

Complains that he bought some of the top games already. Then play the ones you didn't buy. How hard is that?

If he knew better, PS Plus and PS Now are targeting different types of people. One is a streaming service. The other allows you to play online but get free games as a bonus. Something Sony started because Microsoft went 10 years without giving back anything for XBL.

Complains that streaming doesn't play like a native game. How dumb can he be? Faster twitch games won't play as well. Like a fighting game. Common sense.

Says Xbox Game Pass leverages true backwards compatibility. It's not a BC service dummy. It's a game service.

Why would Sony put their top multi million produced and selling games on a cheap service when they wouldn't make back the money to develop those games. This guy is retarded. Wait until they have sold what they will sell first.

Then, complains about not having the app on his dash. I've had it twice on my dash. And deleted it twice. I'm not interested in it.

Then comes up with another stupid idea. He wants to pay **MORE MONEY** for the latest games. How about having patience and waiting until they have sold and paid for development before it's in a service. That way, the price stays cheaper and you don't pay more. Or, I don't know, if you want to play a new launch game right away, JUST BUY IT.

It's like these people are wanting to ruin gaming with streaming services. Why would any developer spend millions to throw their game on a cheap service.

traumadisaster29d ago

Well the article is rubbish, but imo for different reasons. I just couldn't help but notice how poor the flow and wording of the article was, it smelled of the amateur crap that passes as journalism. So I looked down to his bio and he doesn't have a degree, it totally makes sense now.

Incidentally, regarding Engadget there have been rumors for years MS pays them off like it was proven the The Verge. So when a crap article comes out from those websites downing PS in favor of MS I'm skeptical from the get go.

starsi36029d ago (Edited 29d ago )

“Why would they spend millions making a game to throw on a cheap service?”

Well, because like Netflix the more subs they have the more $$$ it makes and they can pay more for the content.

Let’s say gamepass has 3 million people paying on average $7 a month for the service. That’s $21 million ... A MONTH. I’m pretty sure that will go a long way to pay for the games on that service.

Shikoku29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


People like you don't understand Netflix at all or how it's financing model works. Netflix is on the hook for a combined 18.4 billion dollars in future debt obligations and current debt obligations. They go out and get loans to pay for the content you consume now if peoples taste change in the next 5yrs or a competitor like I don't know; Hulu, Prime, Disney, Warner Bros etc enter the market and draw a good portion of their viewer base they are screwed and guess what that's what's happening. The retards crying for a Netflix style gaming system don't understand it or economics of it at all. Games cost more to make than movies or tv shows. 21 million dollars wouldn't pay for the marketing on 1 game or the devs time needed.

Orionsangel29d ago

Defenders of PS Now can spin it anyway they like the bottom line is that PS Now has not been successful for Sony. No one even talks about it. I even forgot it was a thing. It's so not on anyone's radar.

badz14929d ago


"...the bottom line is that PS Now has not been successful for Sony."

LOL I guess you missed the article about PS+ having over 50% market share in revenues for game subscription service while the rest is shared between EA Access, Origin Access, Gamepass and some others.

haters like you are just as bad as shill articles like this one. gamepass with like what...250 games and no streaming option and you still have to pay XBL Gold for online somehow "awesome" and "the future of gaming" but PS+ which offers more like 700 games and offers both streaming and downloads and doen't require PS+ for online MP is "still isn't good enough" or based on you, "unsuccessful". the hypocrisy of these "journalist" knows no shame!

mkis00728d ago


Except Netflix keeps taking on more andcmore debt. Currently over 8 billion in debt and growing. Netflix may not be long for this earth in its current form. Disney is making sure of that.

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hulk_bash198729d ago

PS Now has never interested interested me in the slightest. I still have my PS3 and games if I ever feel the itch to play them. But if anyone enjoys the service, good for them.

anonymousfan29d ago

I wonder how many people are actually subscribed to this?

Jin_Sakai29d ago

Probably quite a few considering they made more than all other streaming services combine.

Kavorklestein28d ago

Made more, as in most money?
Not shocking really since many use PSnow for older games, and Sony doesn't have BC on PS4 so Psnow is handy for that, And, it also costs the most, by far.

Ulf28d ago

What would you say if Sony were to state that the PS5 would function primarily as a streaming platform?

Mr_Writer8528d ago

That's not going to happen.

anonymousfan28d ago

I wouldn't buy one lol ... Also it's not gonna happen. Not next gen.

Spurg29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

If you have ps plus you have no reason to sub to Psnow. Most Ps plus games are from the Psnow library.
720p and low streaming quality don't help either.

Kingthrash36029d ago (Edited 29d ago )

One thing I will say, you can download all ps4 games and play them at their original resolution be it 1080p or whatever and even play them enhanced with a pro...the ps3 games are streamed....yes...but they mostly weren't 1080p to begin with so that last sentence was kinda misinformation...
But I agree with the first sentences

Harkins172129d ago

Hopefully soon ps3 games will be download able on PS4. Or they introduce it with PS5.

Shiken29d ago


That will not happen for a long time due to the unique architecture of the PS3 making it hard to emulate.

gamingunited29d ago

That's just not even true, there are a couple of you who just come to these threads and lie. PS Now has over 300 PS4 games and approximately 10% of those have been on PS+

FallenAngel198429d ago

I just wish the monthly price was cheaper

The $100 annual model is a great deal for on demand gaming though

Brave_Losers_Unite29d ago

It will never be good unless 1080p.