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This is a good and relaxing game for older gamers who want to unwind and enjoy a fast paced world that is also casual, either alone or with friends. ‘Crackdown 3’ is perfect for anyone who only has short amounts of time to spare or is looking for a game with lots of replay value.

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BrianOBlivion1682d ago

9/10 ?!?! What the hell?? I couldn't bring myself to keep playing after an hour.
I bought and tried to play the original Crackdown when it first came out, but burned out on it very quickly because of it's empty/shallow/repetitive gameplay -but especially because of the janky character movement/controls that were ALREADY outdated 12 years ago at release. This game STILL uses the same crappy control system and lame, pointless gameplay formula. The only improvement is that the oversized, empty spaces are a bit more bright and shiny.
Crews deserves better.

gamer78041682d ago

I'm going to try it soon but everyone has different tastes. This is just one persons opinion, gamespew also gave it a 9. There are lots of people who don't like it but there is a smaller portion that does. I'm interested to try it just to have my own opinion.

BrianOBlivion1682d ago

Definitely, to each their own but I hope you have a GamePass subscription.

NarutoFox1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

For a game that's been in development for 5 years it's not worth it. The game should be better

SquillieDeeWilliams1682d ago

You may enjoy it if you give it more time. It is a lot of fun once you level up and unlock more weapons.

DaDrunkenJester1682d ago

"The only improvement is that the oversized, empty spaces are a bit more bright and shiny. Crews deserves better."

Actually there is so much to do in this game, the map is so jam packed with stuff you'll never be not doing something...

xRacer74x1682d ago

Everyone has opinions. I hated The Last Of Us. Everyone has diff opinion on games.

slasaru011682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Why... the controls in Crackdown were the most responsive among the many games that I played. They were very fluid and you even could change a direction of the movement when in a jump. Basically you could jump in a car, and jump out of it while it was flying and land in another location. The game could be boring, repetitive but the controls were amazing!

Where the controls suck is the latest God of War where the camera locks itself on the enemy even when you don't want it. I can't count how many times I lost the boss battles because the game decides instead of me that I should always look on enemy and turn the camera to him. Really stupid.

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AK911682d ago

Thank god it’s on Gamepass this game is not worth a $60 release.

salmonade1682d ago ShowReplies(2)
oneconsoleonly1682d ago

I guess 60 is safe now in metacritic with this 9 lol

TheColbertinator1682d ago

Great score. Thank you Impulsegamer and Microsoft