NZGamer Review: Resistance 2

Resistance 2, the follow up to PS3 launch title Resistance: Fall Of Man. And my God, for a company with such a happy-go-lucky reputation, they've sure pushed themselves with this one. Including three different and intensive modes in one game – single player campaign, 8 player online co-op and 60 player online multiplayer - Resistance 2 is gutsier, it's gorier, and it's much, much bigger.

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Arsenal4Ever5213d ago

another fantastic review for Resistance 2. Keep it up Insomniac. Day 1 buy confirmed.

aaron235213d ago (Edited 5213d ago )

day 1 biatches

Reviewers said this

"So there we have it. Insomniac – one of the best small companies to work for in the USA, mind you – have pulled off one of the more ambitious games in recent years. Resistance 2 fulfils it’s predecessors potential not only with a solid single player campaign, but also introduces hours of replayability with its accessible and innovative online modes. Check out to tie it all together in a Resistance social networking site, and you can expect that Resistance 2 is going to be around for a long time. A long long time. Buy a PS3 for it? I would. "

SullyDrake5213d ago

It probably should have earned an A.

Ninja-Sama5213d ago (Edited 5213d ago )

She means to say bigger, better and more badass. Sry GeOW :(

actas1235213d ago

This game should score in the range 85-94, not more not less. It's a very good game but not jaw dropping. Take this from a guy who thinks GTA IV should have scored (6.9-7.5)

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FBl5213d ago

Insomniac Games>>>>Epic Games

aaron235213d ago (Edited 5213d ago )

You would be playing the game for ages

what the reviewer said?

" "

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5213d ago

Insomniac Games>>>>Epic Games/EA/Valve ;)

+WOW!!! 'pp' (Below) is RELENTLESS on this!!! ;-D
It's a sign of Losing!!! ;-D
I can see him/it smashing his Keyboard up while typing on every PS3 News bit!!! ;-D
Keep going 'pp'!!! I can't see what your saying anyway!!! ;-D

Haruhi Suzumiya5213d ago

One just knows how to tell a story and have a solid gameplay. The other just know how to make a fun game.

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Arsenal4Ever5213d ago

Insomniac's engine > Unreal Engine 3.0

ps3 win 360 loss5213d ago (Edited 5213d ago )

don't even mention the unreal engine in a ps3 article. no one here knows what that is.(its so old)
one disagree

San anto5213d ago

unreal engine is soo fuccking shiiit agreee.

pixelsword5212d ago

I'm sorry, when I see that "Nam" statement coupled with the Kitten with the eyepatch, it makes me smile.

aaron235213d ago

good for ps3 owners no doubt

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