30 Things About Kingdom Hearts That Make No Sense

Kingdom Hearts is an incredible adventure with a great cast of characters but it's got a really confusing storyline. These things don't make sense.

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TheDarkArtisan28d ago

The convoluted story for starters.. talk about over egged.

wwinterj28d ago

It's easy enough to follow. It just has a lot to remember. About it making sense though? Eh.

ErogeMaster27d ago

That and mandatory play throughs of the spinoff handheld games.

28d ago
TheAshcraft28d ago

Should be called 30 things that make sense if you actually played all the games.

Mroc1328d ago

no way im clicking next 30 times

FallenAngel198427d ago

17 years and we still don’t know what the actual titular Kingdom Hearts is