Avengers, FFVII remake, Wild - Will they end up PS5 games?

"Today, I want to talk about three big games that have disappeared off of the face of the planet and could possibly end up launching on PS5." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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IamTylerDurden132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I doubt WiLD is even in production anymore. Ancel is working on Beyond 2 atm.

FFVII will be cross gen, PS4 and PS5, just like most games in a couple years.

Daver32d ago

I hope you are wrong, Wild is my most anticipated game

UltraNova32d ago

The avengers is a multiplaform game so thats up to SE if it's a current or next gen, in other words its release has nothing to do with ps5 or Sony. Same goes for FFVII even if its exclusive to PS (afaic). As for Wild I have absolutely no idea what's going on with the game. Its been years since we got an update so its either going through development hell or its ambition/scope exceeds current gens capabilities. As always, time (yes, more) will tell.

Kurisu32d ago

Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced as being a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive - "Play it first on PlayStation 4".

Final Fantasy XII launched in the UK on PS2 a mere few months before the PS3 launched. If the FFVII Remake is still on for this gen then I expect it to be released on PS4 just before the PS5 hits, or maybe even just after. Square Enix won't won't to miss out on those millions of PS4's in people's homes.

UltraNova32d ago

I expect all ps4 games to be playable on ps5 so there's no question here.

Agent_00_Revan32d ago

FF7 will definitely be on PS5. The real question is will it be on PS4? Most likely just be cross gen.

chris23532d ago

ff7 rehash belongs to the same category as star citizen: vaporware.

AK9132d ago

WILD will probably never be released now that BG&E 2 is a thing.

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