Tetris 99 is the opposite of Tetris Effect, and it’s amazing

This isn’t the only reimagining of Tetris that’s launch lately. Last year, iconic designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi released Tetris Effect, which combined the tried-and-true puzzle gameplay with his own particular blend of audiovisual delights. It was soothing and peaceful, and basically the complete opposite of Tetris 99. If Tetris Effect was a love letter to the classic game, Tetris 99 is an attempt to turn it into a brutal spectator sport. Between the two of them, they show just how fertile the core of Tetris is for new game concepts.

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PhoenixUp35d ago

Didn’t know how versatile Tetris could be

tryson768835d ago

guess MS needs an exclusive Marvel game and now an exclusive Tetris game.

pyroxxx34d ago

Tetris is a perfectly designed game.