NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Benchmarks Leaked, Performance At Par With TITAN X

Twitter User TUM_APISAK spotted the Turing based NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti on the Final Fantasy XV benchmark database & tweeted the results.

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Underwhelming and sure to be overpriced. Nvidia your greed will destroy you

FinalFantasyFanatic31d ago

It's already hurting them, sales aren't good and shares are down, they're losing money for the way they handled the RTX series.

SegaGamer32d ago

If this is true, then this card is completely pointless. Why not just make more 1070ti's, 1080's and 1080ti's and cut the price on all of them by $100? This card is weaker than all of them but Nvidia are trying to trick people into thinking it's great because the name has a higher number.

Stupid name and a stupid card.

uth1132d ago

it's a replacement for the 1060 series not the 1070 and 1080

SegaGamer32d ago

I never said it was a replacement for the 1070 or 1080. I'm saying they should just keep making the cards I listed above and decrease the price by $100 instead of releasing this card. We already have a 1060, so why release a replacement for it that will give a tiny bit more performance? We could have gotten more for our money if they just kept on making 1070ti's, 1080's and 1080ti's and sold them at a lower price.

What next, an 1770 that is as good as a 1070 and 1880 that is as good as a 1080?

It's like Nvidia are deliberately trying to confuse people.

ABizzel132d ago

The name complaint is pointless, as anyone looking to spend $200 - $1000 on a graphics card for a computer has done all the research they need before making a purchase, and the majority of the time even if it's a kid sending their parent to get it, you can almost always take something back to the store as long as it's not open.

That being said this card is there to force you to buy into the RTX cards, it's basically around the performance level of the 1070, with less but faster RAM. What will make or break this card is the price. $249 - $299, hopefully $249, but NVIDIA will definitely launch closer to $299.

UltraNova32d ago

1060's replacement GPU is the 2060. This, this is greed incarnate.

annoyedgamer31d ago

New NM process. This is common but I agree about the price, it keeps inching up.

Elwenil31d ago

The naming thing is something both Nvidia and AMD do every generation. I agree people paying for a new card normally does their research but it doesn't stop them from selling these types of "clone" cards.

Weeblordbad31d ago

Because fabricating older GPU is expensive when they have Turing GPUs that aren't coming out perfect it makes more sense to do this rather than "make more" of the older GPU. There is a finite amount of fabrication volume, and that costs money.

Seriously, you know absolutely nothing so go sit in a corner and shut up. You really think Nvidia is trying to trick 1080 or 1070 owners? Wouldn't you assume anyone spending that kind of money on a card would do some research before spending 279 on something else? Oh right, it's that "greedy" Nvidia.

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elazz31d ago

Title makes it sound amazing but the performance is on par with a GTX1070 however with 6GB with certain games it will perform less.also note that the FFXV benchmark isn't that reliable to actual performance a cross many games.

OpenGL31d ago

I still don't get why this would exist, why release new cards without your new key differentiating feature that AMD does not have?

I_am_Batman31d ago

Because RTX is expensive and has moved the price of their "entry level" card (RTX 2060) up to the level of last gen's mid tier card. They need a card for less than $300 on the market especially with RTX cards not selling well.

uth1130d ago

this exactly.

the people on this site seem to think everyone buys 1070s and 1080s. news flash: they don't. the 1060 is the most popular card right now, and this provides an upgrade path that keeps to low price/decent performance ratio that mid-tier buyers want.

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