Jaffe tells Nottingham to "f*** off'

Speaking to the GameCity festival in Nottingham via video link from his home in San Diego, God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe rebutted repeated questioning on a PS3 version of Twisted Metal the way only he can.

In a frank "From The Desk Of" session marred by sound quality problems, Jaffe ended up communicating with the audience via instant messenger text on the Gatecrasher nightclub's cinema screen.

Relaying a question from a member of the audience, festival director Iain Simons typed: "Are you developing Twisted Metal for PS3 David - YES OR NO."

Jaffe responded with a stock "We haven't announced anything yet," before adding, "now F*** OFF."

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Atlas Shrugged4274d ago

Jaffe is just a poor man Clify B anyway.

Rockstar4274d ago

you really should be in the open zone

Isaac4274d ago

Clifford's only OK game before gears was jack the jazzrabit. Jaffe has made God of War and Twisted metal, both of which are awesome. Jaffe also made calling all cars which is good, and a mickey mouse platformer which is better than the Jazzrabit.

Cliffy is just a pop culture icon created by the media (sponsored by Microsoft). Suddenly Gears was coming and cliff was popular? lol, nobody knew cliff before Gears. Gears' storyline sucks anyway, it appeals to people with two digit IQ.

Hell they even admit in an interview that the Gears IP is a universe that makes it "easy for people to get into"; of course it is, there is no rational explanation for most things happening or they can simply make up Bullsh1t and stupid teens with as much intelligence as Sarah Palin will simply eat it up with faith because they can't use their brain anyway.

Asurastrike4274d ago

Jaffe is the creator of Twisted Metal and God of War. What is Cliffy B.? The Producer of Gears of War? lol

Max Power4274d ago

nice, perhaps we sony fans should think of a dumb name for him like the xbox fans did with cliffy "dude huge" b. Maybe "Large McHugeBig", "Slab Bulkhead", "Butch Deadlift", or "Flint Ironstag" or any of the names from this video...

PirateThom4274d ago

Oh, if you saw his blog, he's adopted the name CliffyB

David Jaffe is now CliffyB
Cliff Blezinski is now Dude Huge.

Max Power4274d ago

well then, thats kind of funny. Though i still like my names better.