7 reasons you should buy a Nintendo Switch instead of a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One in 2019

Nintendo is on a roll with no end in sight.

There's a good reason for that: The Nintendo Switch is the best console to buy.

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Fist4achin33d ago

Because you already have the other two and some great games are finally being released for the switch...

The Wood33d ago

That was my first thought when I saw the headline. No disrespect but the switch is the world's best side chick console. I can't miss out on so many multiplats the Xbox and ps have access to. No sir

SuperSonic9132d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Looking at the Nintendo boys comments and behavior we are afraid of what Nintendo games will do to our brains. We don't wanna be 9 year olds for life. Parents should forbid thwir kids Nintendo games at home.
And the way Nintendo prices their kiddie games specially their old games....nope.
That is highway robbery, man.
Where you can buy great games at budget flash sale prices on PSN and Xbox all the time.

G3ng4r32d ago

@SuperSonic91 Looking at your comments you're already there. Just read another article here and apparently Switch is getting porn now lol. The truth behind this article is Switch is getting more than double the exclusives anything else is this year, prepare your frail heart to see a lot of articles like this.

Dragonscale32d ago

@genger, double the exclusives my ass lol.

G3ng4r32d ago

*More* than double the *noteworthy* exclusives. What else beyond Days Gone is confirmed for ps4 in 2019?

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TheSocietalAnomaly33d ago

Because you’d be pretty stupid to invest in a ps4 at this point, when ps5 next year will probably play ps4 games.

And why the fuck would anyone ever buy an xbox, all those games are on pc anyways.

Ps4 and switch have the most classic games ever, personally, and I been gaming for all of these brands console history. But ps4 about done, and switch kinda just started.

Get a switch, save for a ps5.

iplay1up233d ago

Does your PC Run Red Dead 2 in native 4K? There are a ton of games that look and Play better on X1X. With all of the studios Microsoft has acquired, they are going to be something to recon with next gen!

Unless you are a computer person 90% of PC owners cant run Current gen games in 4K. So suck on it fanboy.

Redlife2g33d ago

Bahahahahha..thanks man, I needed a good laugh this morning

33d ago
S2Killinit33d ago

MS will be same next gen as every other gen. Maybe worst now that they are placing their games directly on that streaming service. Quality matters.

TheSaint32d ago

Native 4k huh? I guess because your favorite plastic box is doing as poorly as it has been, you've been forced to be disingenuous for so long you no longer know truth from lies.

BenRC0132d ago

Unfortunately your p.o.s led TV smears the crap out of a decent 4k image so they all end up looking the same anyway. LCD tech sucks.

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someone7233d ago

Because many of us dont like gaming on a pc?

I spend my gaming time evenly split between my xb x and ns. My ps pro never gets touched. Different people have different preferences.

As to buying a ns over the others, id suggest it for anyone who doesnt want to be confined to a chair, or who commutes a lot. If you want the best looking, get a xb x or pc(depending on how you like to game), and if your into sp experiences and dont mind the company fleecing you at every turn, get a ps pro.

Ricegum33d ago

I detect a fan boy. Nice try wise guy.

Redlife2g33d ago

-typical Xbox fanboy comment

SickSinceSix33d ago

I can hook up my pc to my TV with an hdmi cable and use an Xbox One controller with it too, you aren't limited to a small monitor on a desk, in case you didn't know

33d ago
DrumBeat33d ago

Earlier in the gen PS4 and Pro were my go to for multi-plats, but then the Xbox One X came out. Haven't touched my Pro since God of War, and I probably won't touch it again til The Last of Us II, which will likely end this PlayStation generation with a bang.

bluefox75533d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Gaming on PC is the same as gaming on console, except better. Don't like sitting at a desk? Plug it into your TV. Don't like mouse and keyboard? Plug in a controller. If you're unfamiliar with PC, or lack the knowledge to get into it, then it's understandable, but the whole "I just don't like it" thing is nonsense. You don't like a better experience?
"...don't mind the company fleecing you at every turn, get a ps pro."
Weird way to spell Xbox.

CoinOrc33d ago

A dead giveaway of a lying Xbox fanboy is him saying “my PS4 pro never gets used”.
“Don’t mind the company fleecing you at every turn...”
Out of the big three, MS is the only one putting pay to win micro transactions in their games.

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Mr_Writer8533d ago


"And why the fuck would anyone ever buy an xbox, all those games are on pc anyways."

Whilst that is true, the game pass makes it cheaper and much more convenient.

Livingthedream33d ago

It always makes me laugh when people bring up PC in a console discussion. The majority of people that play on console dont really play on PC. You don't hear Sony fanboys stating they'll be playing the next great multiplat on PC. The fact is multiplat games are a huge part of every console, and if you want the best version right now the X is the best to play them. That being said, the playstation has had that advantage for about 4 years, so dont know if people would make a jump to xbox for the added power, considering the pro has some added power as well.

S2Killinit33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Well there is 2 years left before next gen. I would say the only reason one should get the Switch is because they already have PS4 and want a handheld.

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I have a Switch and it's a fantastic console, but if you're looking to get one, I'd wait for the redesign with built in Bluetooth functionality and better battery life in portable mode. I'm pretty sure Nintendo will launch new color schemes this year too.

Gemmol33d ago

No one knows when the redesign coming out, I agree with the societal above if I did not have my ps4 and switch and I was a new gamer I would get a switch because ps5 is coming soon I would never buy a old system that’s why I got my ps4 early same with switch I do not mind waiting for good games to come

Mr_Writer8533d ago


Does the Switch not already have Bluetooth? I'm sure that's how my phone connects to it when I transfer pokemon from Pokemon Go.

Gameseeker_Frampt33d ago

The Switch doesn't support audio over Bluetooth, which is what people are referring to when they talk about a Switch with built-in Bluetooth functionality.

Mr_Writer8533d ago


That would make sense.

Thanks bud.

RedDevils32d ago

The PS4 doesn't support Bluetooth speaker too, is it why my JBL extreme one is not connect to it, which is disappointed.

Mr_Writer8532d ago


It doesn't that's true, but it does have a USB port for headsets with a dongle.

Which isn't ideal, but better than nothing.

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shinoff218333d ago

This article reeks of fanboy-ism. Everything in it is debatable. Truths it can go everywhere with you and online is 20 bucks. One thing that sticks out it mentions while the competition is focused on 4k nintendo is focused on game design, really cause I recall ps4 having some amazing games which well had amazing game design.

Livingthedream33d ago

PS has some great games, but their main focus is their single player games. Which is great but IMO it would be great if they worked on some multiplayer games. IMO their games didn't get good until uncharted 4 and God of war released. However if you enjoy the single player life there really isn't a better console to play some high quality games.

shinoff218328d ago

Im sure they have something for fans of multi player games. Me personally I dont like multiplayer games, I enjoy single player games. SO the ps4 is perfect for me.

badz14933d ago


it's typical Nintendo fanboys motto. Nintendo prioritize gameplay over graphics they said. it's like...for them, games with great graphics can't have great gameplay SMH!

it's painful for them to admit that other great games on other consoles have great gameplay while looking stunning because Nintendo chickened out from the graphic competition with the fall of the GC. so now they are chanting "Nintendo is all about gameplay" mantra as if other devs only focusing on graphics and not gameplay!

I'm not a fan of Nintendo's games. I think I've played too much of them when I was younger and there are very little evolution to their games for me to even care anymore. I understand they have their fans but I can't stand these fanboys calling other games inferior in gameplay like some kind of masterrace!

shinoff218328d ago

I agree with most of what you said, except I still enjoy nintendo first party games, like mario, donkey kong, zelda, etc. I dont play pokemon though. Aside from atari games, mario bros was the first game I ever played and it stuck with me. I prefer playstation but will still buy nintendo for first party stuff. Im not a fan of the portable stuff I just play docked if I play switch.

iplay1up233d ago

I would not want a Switch for my primary console. I have X1X for that. As a second console, its fantastic. In fact I have not played X1X, since I picked Switch up 2 weeks ago. Accepts for Er (cough,cough) Crackdown 3. Someone please explain why the cloud is needed, for a game that is 13MB? I played for 20 min, yawn. I will play more later.

Ricegum33d ago

PS4/PC is the way to go for sure. Switch is fantastic for playing on the toilet.

RedDevils32d ago

You must takes a long time to take a shit lol

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