The 'Science Of Mortal Kombat' Series Will Be Mythbusting Classic MK Fatalities

Thanks to Nerdist and Warner Bros. Interactive, we’ll soon know just how realistic (or infeasible) Mortal Kombat moves actually are.

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Smokehouse31d ago

None of them are feasible... Liu Kangs mk1 maybe lol. You’re not uppercutting someone’s head off, pulling spines and hearts out with your bare hands. Why even entertain the thought for entertainment lol? Is this a real science show?

spicelicka31d ago

Yea i have no idea what fatalities they would test and how

Smokehouse31d ago

It’s probably a “hey let’s see if this gelatin head explodes if we send electricity through it” which could be okay, I’d watch it.

All I’m saying is “feasible” is a pretty dumb test of science. It’s obviously not feasible lol. They said classic fatalities and that’s generally considered within the first 2 games.