Why Players Are Angry With Apex Legends Microtransactions, Explained

Apex Legends is a free-to-play game with microtransactions for cosmetics, but they seem ridiculously priced.

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Action GO FIGURE1685d ago

Are these players the 12 year olds who can't borrow mummy or daddy's credit card?

They're JUST skins.

81BX1685d ago

They are dicks about the skins though. You can unlock the limited skins with in game currency only after you purchase (with real $) the skin required to unlock it. Now there are base skins. Idc I'm not paying for crap

Action GO FIGURE1685d ago

Skins that offer no ingame advantage whatsoever. Complain about the MT pricing sure but don't forget this game was released for free.

SoulClaw1685d ago Show
frostypants1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Then DON'T pay for them. Don't get them. What's the big deal? It's a FREE GAME and this stuff is cosmetic. They have to make their money somehow. People will whine about anything...the entitlement culture in gaming is so freaking laughable.

vallencer1685d ago

I can't stand this argument of "It's free so it's fine". Yeah it's free we all know that but just because it's free doesn't mean it has to be shit. Their microtransactions are garbage. 18 bucks for a cosmetic weapon skin is outrageous. Now I wouldn't care about the price if it wasn't for the fact that you only receive 45 free loot boxes which probably won't get you enough crafting mats to craft a legendary item. Then when you've received all the loot boxes there isn't any way for you to get more crafting mats without actually paying money for the boxes. It's a greedy scheme that forces players to spend money if they want something cool. It is legit a bad system.

81BX1684d ago

Lol why are people upset? I clearly stated I wasn't getting them. The fact still remains they are locked behind other skins. Argue facts not emotions gents!

frostypants1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

@vallencer: "18 bucks for a cosmetic weapon skin is outrageous. "

I agree...so DON'T BUY IT. What's so hard about this? Yes, they put a few super-rare skins out there for people who are willing to shell out for them. Those people are nuts, but hey...let them. This doesn't impact gameplay at all. Why is this so difficult to process? Do you feel some subconscious need to own every stupid skin in the game?

@vallencer: "It's a greedy scheme that forces players to spend money if they want something cool."

You just described every financial transaction ever. If you think the item is cool enough, you'll open your wallet. If you don't, you won't. Yeah, they want your money for some silly non-game-changing crap because they gave you 99% of the actual effort they put into the game for free. So freaking what? Again, your post screams "entitlement".

You people are going to ruin this for everyone, and we'll be back to paying $40-60 for games like Black Ops 4/Blackout where the developer begins to abandon it after a few months. All because you couldn't get over the fact that you couldn't have some stupid teal monkey glitter-tastic bedazzled disco camo skin (that nobody except you even really notices) for free.

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GottaBjimmyb1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Free or full-price, any game with PTW microtransactions are just unacceptable to me.

However, on that same note, if the MTs are just for skins or cosmetics, I am 100% on board for either type of game (But especially a free one) as I don't participate in them, unless I really want to, but get all the benefits of the profits. Unlike Mobile games, most console and PC devs actually reinvest into expanding upon their games and making them better experiences.

Hard understand what the argument would be in complaining about any paid cosmetic in a free game, as you can just not buy them...

And I don't like this game at all.

starchild1685d ago

Very sensible perspective. I agree on all points. This childish kneejerk reaction some people have in demonizing all microtransactions makes no sense. Some take it so far that I've even seen some of them act like any kind of DLC is bad.

I, like you, am against pay to win type microtransactions, but beyond that I don't really have any issue with cosmetic microtransactions or DLC that adds further story/gameplay content.

Sirk7x1685d ago

Agreed. Don't like it, don't buy it. If paying money gives you a statistical, or any in-game advantage, then you're in shit country.

Palitera1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Microtransactions wrecks the progression design in any game, whether you buy them or not.

End of discussion.

GottaBjimmyb1684d ago

Palitera, I play overwatch, rocket league and many other games where I unlock items almost every game, and have some of the best items without ever paying. In fact, many, even most of the items can be achieved without any money.

So end of discussion is hardly an argument, sounds more like you just have nothing to support your argument, but are unwilling to change it.

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Rude-ro1685d ago

I remember we use to play games for rewards...
Now, the only reward is “you gave it your best” but pay for the rest.

GottaBjimmyb1685d ago

You still can unlock stuff (sometime everything) in almost every game with MTs... so not following your point.

UltraNova1685d ago


Dude back then we didnt have to put in GOD knows how many grind hrs to unlock anything or everything if that was your choice. Today though if you want some unlockables in a game with MTs your screwed, especially if its a F2P game. So in that light, Rude-ro is right.

DerekTweed1685d ago


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare had gold skins for some guns that required a lot of hours to get. For example the gold AK-47 required 150 headshot with every assault rifle, 1050 headshots, that took ages.

UltraNova1685d ago


That was an Activision game though. In other words, I'm not surprised.

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fr0sty1685d ago

One of the best uses of MT's in a FTP game I've seen so far. I've never felt obligated to spend a dime to get the "full experience".

Jin_Sakai1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

What angers me is how they charge for store items. The bare minimum store item cost 1,100 Apex Coins. So you’re required to spend minimum $20 for a gun skin. Then you’ll be 50 Apex coins shy of getting a second skin so you’ll have to spend an additional $10 to get a second skin.

I understand the game is F2P but these prices need adjustments!

Epic weapon skin.............1,100 Apex Coins
Legendary weapon skin...1,800 Apex Coins
Banner frame....................1,100 Apex Coins

Apex Coins cost:
1,000 $10
2,150 $20
4,350 $40
6,700 $60
11,500 $100


UltraNova1685d ago

Oldest MT tactic in the book. Anyhow, its F2P and progression is not tied to monetization - it depends on us the consumers 100% wether or not we buy those skins etc.

vallencer1685d ago

Yeah they really do need adjustment. I get they need to make money and obviously streamers are just throwing money at them so it probably won't change but it's insane. I wouldn't have as much of a problem if there was some way to receive crafting mats after you get the last free loot box. But the system is designed currently to force you to spend money on loot boxes if you want more items. It's broken and needs fixing.

--Onilink--1685d ago

The game might be free to play and the MTs optional and cosmetic, but if you dont think charging $18 for a weapon skin or $11 for a banner isnt just straight up abussive...then you must live in some kind of delusional world.

And lets not even mention that most prices are set just above what the currency packs are worth, in order to make people pay more.

Abusive practices need to called out, even if you are not directly affected by them, otherwise companies will continue to raise the ceiling on what they do with MTs until it does end up affecting you

Cobra9511685d ago

The game is "free"-to-play. Unlike full-priced games, I have no problems with MTs in F2P products. That's the only way they make money. Don't like them, don't play them. I don't play them at all. I don't support that business model; but clearly, many of you do. So take the bitter with the sweet.

TheSaint1685d ago

It's attitudes like yours that have led us to this point.

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Fluttershy771685d ago

The day I can no longer play a game without MT's (which sadly soon enough will come) will be the day I completely stop trying new releases and become full and exclusively retro

TK-551685d ago

"The day I can no longer play a game without MT's (which sadly soon enough will come)"

No it won't so stop being hyperbolic.

starchild1685d ago

Suit yourself. But there will always be games without microtransactions. And I don't see what the issue is with microtransactions beyond the pay to win variety, which I honestly haven't run across very much. In most games that have cosmetic microtransactions I am barely aware they are even there as an option and then I ignore them and I haven't felt like they hurt my experience in those games. I've never paid for a cosmetic microtransaction item, but I've bought a number of DLC expansions and nearly always felt like I got my money's worth.

PoSTedUP1685d ago

Ill buy dlc if I feel the main game was sold to me complete. I will buy cosmetics too if their are enough guns in the game originally and/or they are cool to me.

PoSTedUP1685d ago

I've been retro for most of this gen. While I loved every second of it, it really is mind blowing jumping back to current gen. I've been gone long enough where rdr2 is like my life now lol. Shit got real while I was gone I guess hah. Its important, imo, to go back and dedicate time to older games you've missed through almost every generation. I feel like a time traveler back to tell you guys I 'done f***ed up the past entirely. My bad.